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Modern Bakery Moscow

September 02, 2013 05:31 ET

POWX 2014 Bulk Powder Expo Russia - the First Trade Fair for Bulk Goods in Russia

NUREMBERG, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Sep 2, 2013) -

  • International specialist trade fair for bulk goods/bulk goods technology in Russia
  • Core sectors: pharmacy, chemicals, food & feed, ceramics & glass, construction, stone and soils, plant engineering, components
  • Enormous market potential in Russia
  • Sector experts and decision-makers exchange views

The first trade fair for bulk goods and bulk goods technologies will take place between the 3rd and 5th of September 2014 in Russia: the POWX 2014 Bulk Powder Expo Russia. Raw materials industry in Russia is very strongly represented and the requirement for top technology is very high. At the POWX 2014, exhibitors will have the opportunity to present themselves to specialist visitors and top decision-makers from Russia. "The use of bulk goods and the associated technologies sum up to make a fascinating industrial sector with huge market opportunities. We will be bringing this subject to Russia for international companies, and will be pointing out huge market opportunities," explained Bernd D. Fichtner, managing director of POWX 2014.

Market opportunities in Russia
Russia is making massive investments in the extraction, processing and transport of its mineral resources. Hundreds of billions of dollars will be sunk into new projects up to 2030. This investment offensive results in huge business opportunities for German industry. Russia's government and raw material companies are working intensively on the exploration and development of new crude oil, natural gas, coal and metal reserves. In the process, aspects such as efficiency, sustainability and production process safety are becoming more and more important. This Russian investment offensive will provide huge opportunities for German industry, which is both a technology exporter and raw material importer.

Topics at the POWX 2014
The first international bulk goods trade fair in Russia offers a deep and well-founded insight into the entire industry, and mirrors all the relevant issues. These range from the manufacture and storage of bulk goods up to safety issues, environmental protection aspects and transport/logistics. "At the trade fair, our specialist forum will ensure that well-known, relevant industry experts are given the chance to speak, and that the newest trends and technologies can be presented to a wide specialist public" continued Mr Fichtner.

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About POWX 2014
POWX 2014 is the first international specialist trade fair with the focus on bulk goods and bulk goods technologies for the Russian market. POWX 2014 will cover all the relevant sectors and core industries. Specialist visitors, experts and exhibitors will come together to develop new ideas, talk about technologies and potentials, and will pave out the way for further developments.

Bulk goods are being used in a wide range of industrial sectors and the chemical, pharmacy, food & feed, ceramics, glass, construction, stone, soils, production engineering and components industries just wouldn't function without it.

Range of the POWX 2014

  • Construction materials, stone and soils
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Glass and ceramics
  • Chemical industry
  • Foodstuffs
  • Animal feeds
  • Environmental sector
  • Power stations
  • Plastics
  • Timber industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Metals industry

Associated subjects around bulk goods are materials handling, storage technology and filling technology (filling plant, filling safety, big bags, containers, metering equipment, barrels, IBC, silos, closure systems, weighing systems, bulk goods activation, outfeed technologies), wear protection, dosing technology, automation, instrumentation (fill level measurement, particle measuring technology, moisture measurement, quality control, sampling), separation technology (filter units, dust filters, dedusting equipment, exhaust air technology, separators, decanters, flotation, classifiers, membrane filtration, agitators, sedimentation, screens, sieves, washers, centrifuges, cyclones), mixing technology (dispersers, kneaders, mixers, stirrers), fragmentation technology (breakers, granulators, homogenisers, mills, atomisers), compacting technology (agglomerators, pelletisers, presses), explosion protection (Atex, bursting discs, explosion flaps, inertisation, structural explosion protection).

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