SOURCE: PPJ Enterprise

August 07, 2009 10:29 ET

PPJ Enterprise Announces Its Comeback

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - August 7, 2009) - PPJ Enterprise (PINKSHEETS: PPJE) today announced its comeback after long drawn unforeseen situations; the Company took a step back for a year being out of public sight. The Company is in the process of regaining its strengths through resolution of the issues that kept the Company out of the public eye.

The Company hired multiple Investors awareness Consultants to increase the Company's visibility. These consultants worked very hard to bring this Company back into the public eye during the past week. Due to the increase in trading volumes the Company can now plan to sell its shares to fund its growth.

Background: During 2004 through a Reverse Merger the Company acquired the assets of a nationally known medical billing service business company and a healthcare business related automated revenue cycle management, electronic health record software company. Prior to the merger, the medical billing service company was growing 60 to 100% each year generating gross revenues of as much as or more than $2 million per year. The Company became party to legal actions due to vindictive actions of an ex client who wanted $1 million unjustly from the Company. His demands were not entertained, as a result that ex client contacted some of the current clients at that time and convinced them to cancel their billing agreements with the company and demand payoffs. The Company became the party to multiple litigations.

Some of the ex clients who were already taking part of their business out of the Company quietly during the contract period to save 10% billing and collection fees (in violation of their medical billing agreement), they have joined with the said ex client. Every one had the same slogan to make their allegations stronger against the Company in their point of views.

The said billing service was one of the most experienced service companies in the country to handle pain management and anesthesia billing but due to bad rumors, the billing service was not able to gain too many new clients during 2006 and 2007. When the largest client/ex Board of Director stopped paying the Company its earned billing and collection fees, it had to close its doors after 18 years in very successful business.

"To eliminate the Company's legal problems and potential liabilities, I have taken over the billing service with all lawsuits and liabilities leaving the Company (PPJ Enterprise) debt free except for the convertible notes," said CEO Ms. Basu. So Ms. Basu became a party to all law suits. She was sued as stated above especially by the ex client/ex Board of Director.

"To defend myself I have personally audited all accounting records from 1999 to 2007 for the trial preparation and I have discovered documents that turned around ex client/ex Board of Director's claims against me and the Company. I also filed Cross Complaint for damages. At end, trial judge ruled that ex client/ex Board of Director could not prove his claims so his complaint against me was denied but my cross complaint was denied due to no standing since contract was not with me," said Ms. Basu.

"The discovery of facts during my trial will bring drastic changes to the future of this Company," said Ms. Basu "Details of these facts will be disclosed in news release in the very near future."

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