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February 07, 2012 10:00 ET

Prax Chiropractic Announces Massage Therapy Services for Charlottesville Patients

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--(Marketwire - Feb 7, 2012) - Prax Chiropractic and Holistic Pediatrics, a whole body wellness center in Charlottesville, announced that the practice offers massage therapy for natural pain relief and healing. According to family chiropractor Dr. Brian Prax, massage treatments help the body release tension and promote internal healing. The practice offers massage for infants, pediatrics and adults, as well as a special pregnancy massage for expectant mothers.

Charlottesville family chiropractors Dr. Brian Prax and Dr. Jennifer Curtis Prax announced that their practice provides massage therapy. According to the chiropractors, this non-invasive treatment naturally complements chiropractic care, enhancing the benefits that adjustments provide for natural pain relief following an injury. Massage therapy can also help relieve chronic pain, such as neck pain, headaches, sciatica and migraine pain.

"Massage treatments invigorate the soft muscle tissue, stimulating the flow of fresh oxygenated blood, which promotes healing," said Dr. Brian Prax. "At the same time, physiological changes occur in the body. As blood pressure and breathing rate decrease, the level of endorphins, the body's natural painkiller, increases. In essence, massage is also a powerful form of meditation and stress relief."

Dr. Jennifer Prax emphasized that massage treatments are not just for individuals who have sustained an injury or who are struggling with chronic pain. According to Dr. Jennifer Prax, regular massage can help the body effectively manage stress and even reduce the risk for injuries.

"Day to day stress signals the muscles to contract, and over time, this contraction causes stiffness, soreness and tightness," said Dr. Jennifer Prax. "When our bodies are in a constant state of contraction, it is impossible for the body to relax. Even worse, contracted muscles trap toxins deep inside the muscle fibers, blocking natural healing and exacerbating pain and stiffness. Without proper treatment, stiff muscles can even cause misalignments, and require the attention of our family chiropractor."

Regular massage treatments help the body relax and stiff muscles to release trapped toxins. This release of toxins promotes internal healing. According to the American Pregnancy Association, pregnancy massage has also been shown to alter the balance of hormones, alleviating pre-natal depression, and pave the way for a smooth birth. When the muscles are relaxed, loosened and flexible, the natural birthing process is easier on the body.

"Pregnancy massage and chiropractic care are both important and complementary treatments that help prepare a woman's body for birth," said Dr. Brian Prax. "As a family chiropractor, I strongly recommend this treatment to all my patients who are expecting a child."

The practice also offers pediatric massage to help young children recover from soft tissue injuries and naturally cope with pain. The wellness center also offers classes in infant massage. This technique may help reduce the trauma of childbirth locked deep in the soft tissues and also help soothe newborns.

"Massage is a safe, all-natural alternative to the use of prescription painkillers in children," said Dr. Brian Prax. "As children grow and develop, regular massages treatments help prevent a lifetime of trapped stress and tension inside the muscles."

Individuals who would like to learn more about massage treatments as part of whole body wellness may visit the practice's website,

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