November 09, 2006 11:00 ET

Pre-Pasted Toothbrushes Help Speed Passengers Through Airport Security During Holiday Travel Season

BELMONT, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 9, 2006 -- Airports in the United States and 25 European Union countries now enforce the quart-sized zipper bag restriction for carry-on liquids and gels. Airline passengers carrying these items will go through an extra security check at most airports worldwide, resulting in longer lines and more airport delays this holiday season.

One way to avoid the TSA hassle is to place all liquid items in checked luggage. But that doesn't work for people who need to keep their teeth and dental appliances clean in-flight. Pre-pasted disposable toothbrushes conveniently solve this problem. These toothbrushes have toothpaste powder bonded directly to the bristles. The tooth powder is activated when it gets wet. Because the toothbrush contains only dry powdered toothpaste, it fully complies with all airline regulations and restrictions and will not be confiscated by airport security officials., a family-run business in Belmont, CA has shipped thousands of pre-pasted toothbrushes to busy travelers worldwide seeking a toothpaste alternative. "People with braces, bridgework, retainers, or other oral hygiene issues need to keep their teeth clean in-flight. These pre-pasted toothbrushes help take the hassle out of holiday travel," said owner Lynn Schneider. "Pre-pasted toothbrushes are usually not available in local stores, but savvy travelers can find them on our website," she said.

Pre-pasted toothbrushes are more convenient, better-tasting, and less messy than loose toothpaste powders. And you don't have to throw them away -- the premium pre-pasted ReadyBrush is made so well that you can use it with regular toothpaste up to 30 days after the toothpaste powder is finished. carries three types of pre-pasted toothbrushes. The basic model is 65 cents each, or as low as 46 cents each for a box of 100 brushes. The premium re-usable ReadyBrush is 99 cents each, or can be purchased in bulk boxes of 30 for $27 or 144 brushes for $130. For people with orthodontic braces, offers the Ortho ReadyBrush for Braces, which is v-cut in the middle as recommended by orthodontists. ships its products worldwide and has thousands of satisfied customers in over 32 countries. The company carries a wide array of oral hygiene products, including dental floss singles, Retainer Brite tablets, and many items for people with braces, bridgework, Invisalign-type aligners, and retainers.

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