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October 02, 2012 08:00 ET

Precise 9.5 Fixes Virtualization Problems Plaguing Application Performance

New Release Solves Elusive Resource Contention Issues at the Server and Storage Virtualization Levels, Speeding Problem Resolution and Improving System Performance

REDWOOD SHORES, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 2, 2012) - Precise, a global leader in application performance management (APM), today announced the availability of Precise 9.5, a major product release aimed at helping organizations across the enterprise reduce risk and ensure quality of end-user experience for systems using cloud and virtual environments. Precise 9.5 is the first complete APM system with the ability to accurately detect and provide solutions to virtual resource contention issues in real time. One of the key innovations of Precise 9.5 is how the technology addresses the pressing challenge of managing the rapid growth of mobile traffic.

Server Virtualization

Virtualization promises cost savings by sharing hardware resources, through the help of virtual machines. However, busy virtual machines competing for the same physical CPU and memory can cause resource contention problems, resulting in serious performance degradations. This type of performance problem is the hardest to spot as it tends to come and go quickly, making it difficult to reproduce and correct later. Precise 9.5 solves this problem by discovering and mapping relationships between virtual machines and their physical hosts in real time, and correlating their behavior to actual end-user actions. This enables the IT team to manage the virtual infrastructure based on business priorities, ensuring critical applications are not being starved for resources.

Storage Virtual Pools

Precise 9.5 also addresses tricky contention issues with storage virtual pools. Automated storage tiering technologies move data to optimize performance without user intervention. This saves time yet makes it difficult for IT managers to know where application data resides and whether an application slowdown is the result of data moving to slower storage devices or other reasons. Precise 9.5 resolves this issue by analyzing storage patterns, identifying contention issues as they occur and recommending ways to fix storage virtual pools problems quickly.

"Precise is the first company that can track transactions across physical and virtual layers and discover resource conflicts, so that mission critical databases and high-touch, customer-facing cloud and mobile applications perform as expected," said Sherman Wood, Vice President of Products for Precise. "Resource contention for virtualized applications has been a major unsolved problem because of the dynamic and automatic nature of virtual and cloud infrastructure."

Mobile Management

The new version of Precise helps organizations follow their audience through mobile platforms. IT organizations often struggle to support quality of user experience across a growing number of different mobile platforms, browser standards and unpredictable traffic volumes. To avoid chaos and regain control, IT must be able to visualize and manage diverse client standards, and predict usage behavior. Precise 9.5 tracks every click from a mobile user, and monitors the activity as it flows from the mobile device through the application tiers to databases and storage. 

Performance Intelligence: Visualization in Business Terms

Precise 9.5 continues to expand the options for dashboards that illustrate system performance against business metrics, such as service level agreements, revenue, productivity and cost. Visualizations can be customized to a given business owner's perspective and can correlate performance across many dimensions. This visibility allows business owners to proactively monitor their business performance and swiftly react to potential issues if needed.

"Precise dashboards allow business owners and IT to share a common language to manage and optimize applications and technologies according to business performance goals," said Wood. "For instance, the value of performance can be balanced against the cost of providing optimized performance."

Precise 9.5 is available today. For more information, visit

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