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April 22, 2014 10:37 ET

Predictive Science Launches 'Predictive Shield' to Prevent Employee Data Theft

New Security Prevention Application Harnesses Power of Big Data to Deliver Predictive Insider Threat Assessment and Early Warning Capability for Enterprises

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - April 22, 2014) - Predictive Science, a software, services and training company focused on helping Fortune 1000 marketers discover and capture the value of their big data, has launched Predictive Shield, a security application that leverages the power of big data to help enterprises identify internal security threats and warn of potential crises before they occur.

Corporate employee data theft is a growing problem. One survey revealed that half of the employees who left or lost their jobs in the last 12 months kept confidential corporate data, and 40 percent plan to use it in their new jobs.

Predictive Shield was developed for the sole purpose of predicting which employees within an enterprise could potentially steal company data and provide an early warning system that corporate security teams can use to avert disaster. 

By continuously monitoring the fire hose of information pouring from social media, Predictive Shield provides sophisticated predictive models that can deter the growth of insider threats, mitigate data loss and protect the company's brand integrity in the eyes of the consumer.

"The risk associated with employee data theft is an enterprise chief security officer's recurring nightmare. While the majority of companies are cognizant of the risks associated with insider threats, relatively few have systems in place to prevent them from happening," said Predictive Science CEO and Co-founder Steven Tedjamulia. "We fully understand the challenges enterprises face and have dedicated the best and brightest minds in the data science field to solve these problems."

Funneling data from a growing list of more than 25 profile rich data sources, Predictive Shield's real-time data processing engine listens to conversations taking place on social media, identifies potential risks, and reacts to threats to prevent a future crisis.

By monitoring data emanating from social networks, job boards, forums, blogs and other social media, Predictive Shield can identify employees who, for example, are considering a career change, are disgruntled and have expressed ill will against their employer, have evidenced signs of emotional instability, or who are intending to sell information to a competitor, a new employer or foreign country.

Predictive Shield can track all of a company's employees, or a subset based on criteria such as those who will be included in a round of lay-offs, those within a particular division or department, new employees, or whatever criteria is provided. The power of Predictive Shield lies in its ability to harness massive amounts of social conversations and deliver dynamic predictive threat assessment and early warning capability.

"Companies that use a data-driven approach, which takes into account the vast amount of information available through social media, stand to gain the upper hand in their fight against employee theft and other insider threats," said Tedjamulia. "Predictive Shield provides more than threat detection and assessment. It can be the deterrent that averts crises before they occur."

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