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April 16, 2008 13:34 ET

PredictWallStreet Adds Quotes & News to Sentiment Tool for Investors

New Interactive Sentiment Trend Offers Instant Comparisons Between Securities' Community Perception, Quotes, and Published News

CAPITOLA, CA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2008) - PredictWallStreet announced today that it has added new features to its Sentiment Trend tool that allow online users to better evaluate the relationship between a security's community perception, price, and news.

After tracking poll results for over two years and across more than 15,000 securities, PredictWallStreet realized that each security has a unique sentiment trend not only in terms of its movements, but also in its correlation to quotes and major news. For some securities, a change in price induces a change in community sentiment. For investors, the profit potential is highest when the reverse is true. Moreover, some securities' community sentiments move mostly in the same direction as the quotes while others move in the opposite direction. The knowledge of these relationships creates a profit potential and allows investors to better time the market.

The impact of news on Sentiment Trends also varies drastically. While the community instantly and strongly reacts to news of some securities, it may barely blink at news of others. This reaction can be viewed as indicative of a stock's volatility, which in turn affects profit opportunity and trading risk.

The Sentiment Trend, launched by PredictWallStreet in 2007, reflects a security's momentum at different times. The new Interactive Sentiment Trend has additional features helping investors to better observe the relationship between community sentiments, quotes, and news. Users now can see on the Sentiment Trend chart when news is published and click on the titles to read the associated release. There also is an option to overlay the quote, which allows users to directly observe the relationship between community perception and a security's price. Overall, the new Interactive Sentiment Trend benefits investors by helping them to discern profit opportunities, to evaluate trading risks, and to time the market.

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