Premier Diagnostic Health Services Inc.

Premier Diagnostic Health Services Inc.

February 24, 2009 09:00 ET

Premier Diagnostic Health Services Inc. Commences Lawsuit Against Patrick J. Rooney and IMAGIN Diagnostic Centres Inc. for Publicizing Defamatory Comments and False Accusations

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 24, 2009) - Premier Diagnostic Health Services Inc. - Patrick J. Rooney ("Rooney") and IMAGIN Diagnostic Centres Inc. ("IMAGIN") have been named as Defendants in a lawsuit commenced in the British Columbia Supreme Court by Premier Diagnostic Health Services Inc. ("PDHS") and two of its management team, Denis Tusar ("Tusar") and John Smith ("Smith"). In August, 2007 and again in February, 2008, Rooney wrote to shareholders of IMAGIN falsely misrepresenting that there had been misappropriation of business and fraudulent filings of offering documents with the BC Securities Commission. At that time, PDHS advised its shareholders that the allegations were without substance.

In November, 2008 after PDHS had entered into an agreement with Golden Hat Resources Inc. ("Golden Hat"), a TSX Company, to proceed with a reverse takeover transaction, Rooney contacted shareholders and directors of Golden Hat, alleging corporate misdealing by PDHS, Tusar and Smith. In January, 2009, Rooney, purporting to act with the authority of IMAGIN, caused two news releases to be publicly broadcast via the internet repeating a number of false allegations of corporate misdealing. These news releases were widely disseminated.

The litigation is launched on the basis that the statements by Rooney on behalf of himself and IMAGIN are defamatory in that they are untrue and broadcast with malice, and are designed to cause and have caused damage to the business of PDHS and to the reputations of Tusar and Smith, and have interfered with PDHS's contractual relations.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction prohibiting Rooney personally and as a representative of IMAGIN from further contact with Golden Hat, and from disseminating or broadcasting anything about PDHS, Tusar or Smith, or from contacting investors or business contacts of PDHS. The lawsuit also seeks declarations that there were no corporate misdealings, as well as seeking general, special and punitive damages.

"Such malicious and damaging false allegations have no place in the conduct of any legitimate business," said Denis Tusar, President and CEO of PDHS, "And must be stopped by all legal means at our disposal."

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