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February 15, 2017 05:03 ET

Premier Documents to Begin Citizenship Services

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 15, 2017) - Premier Documents has announced their intentions to begin providing clients with assistance in filing their United States citizenship applications. The applications can be an arduous and complicated process; Premier Documents is looking to remove the pain from the process by taking the technical aspects of the application out of their client's hands.

CEO and founder Ryan McAweeney released a statement shortly after the announcement, "Here at Premier Documents we are always looking for ways to help our existing and future clients. We have noticed increased demand for help in filing citizenship applications, and have decided to expand our expertise into this highly specialized area. Citizenship applications can be extremely tedious and complicated, especially for those whose first language is not English. Our staff will ensure that you application goes smoothly and does not suffer any lengthy delays due to incorrect filing".

The company, which was founded in 2016, has been assisting their clients with a range of different documentation preparation needs since its inception. It currently provides services for visa applications, green card applications, wills, testimonies, divorces, as well as a host of other document requirements. The company provides for both personal and business clientele.

The firm's CEO, Ryan McAweeney is the same entrepreneur that started Vertical Direct Marketing Group (VDMG) back in 2007. His success as an executive saw the company turned into a multi-million dollar enterprise by 2013. McAweeney spoke earlier on his desire to bring that same success to his new venture, "At VDMG we had a long-standing policy of excellence that resulted in extremely high customer satisfaction records. Premier Documents is attempting to bring that same attitude to the document preparation industry; it is pertinent in an industry like this to provide perfect outcomes as the consequences of poor performance can delay a client's paperwork process. We feel if we continue to provide customers with excellent outcomes, we will become the most trusted name in the industry".

Premier Documents: Success in Unlikely Places

When Ryan McAweeney founded Premier Documents in early 2016 he was stepping into unchartered territory; the San Diego based marketing executive had little experience in the complex world of United States document preparation. But almost a year later, the firm has expanded into a major player in the world of document preparation, and McAweeney places the credit on one thing: 'a culture of excellence'.

McAweeney recently commented on the matter, "One of the lessons I learned from running a multi-million dollar advertising agency was that the most effective thing you can do is promote a culture of excellence within your firm. Doing so pushes individuals working for you to understand the real benefits of striving to do their best for their clients. This workplace culture couldn't be more important in the world of document preparation; a small mistake can lead to lengthy setbacks for our clients and could result in potentially damaging effects. Because of this, I knew that striving for excellence and perfection in everything we do would be the most vital part of being successful in this industry."

Maintaining a 'culture of excellence' in a large firm is no easy feat, but McAweeney is correct in saying that it is necessary in the documentation preparation industry. Many clients are non-native speakers who are completely reliant on Premier Document's ability to avoid delays. Services that Premier Documents handles are often time sensitive and therefore require the utmost care.

At present, the firm offers services for both personal and business clientele. Premier documents can assist you with documents ranging from green card applications and divorces, to business incorporation. The firm is committed to aiding clients with as many document preparation services as possible. This commitment to covering a broad range of documentation was initiated when the firm started, "Premier Documents is aiming to provide its clients with easily accessible assistance on as many government document processes as possible. We understand the stress that can come with having to file an application or document with the United States Government; we're here to alleviate some of that stress. We are committed to covering as many different types of documentation as we possibly can in order to ensure we are your one-stop-shop for document preparation," stated McAweeney at the time of the company's launch.

Ryan McAweeney is the same entrepreneur that founded Vertical Direct Marketing Group (VDMG) back in 2007. The firm would proceed to grow into a multi-million dollar company over the next six years; INC. reported its annual revenue to be over $3m in 2013. Although McAweeney did not have previous experience with documentation companies, he decided to take a back seat at VDMG in 2016 in order to pursue his new project.

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