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October 05, 2011 12:12 ET

PREMIER TRADING AG - BotTrading Distributor expands into Taiwan

PREMIER TRADING AG - BotTrading Distributor expands into Taiwan

(Munich 03/10/2011) Premier Trading AG is pleased to announce its expansion of business into Asia.

Premier  Trading  AG  the innovative Algorithmic trading company and developer of  BotTrading  betting
products  for  Land  based  Casinos, Mobile gaming and Internet Gaming  is  pleased  to  announce  its
expansion  of  business in Asia, the most potential financial market in the world.  By  setting  up  a
Taiwan  rep  office  in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, Premier extended its distribution  channels  of
BotTrading,  an  algorithm-based futures trading platform, to grasp the fast  growing  market  in  the
futures trading business.

Pily Wong, the Executive Director/CEO of Premier Trading, said that Taiwan passed its Futures  Trading
Act and established the Taiwan Futures Exchange in 1997, and after one year of preparation, Taiwan had
its first futures trading of Taiwan Weighted Index in 1998.  After 12 years of rapid expansion, Taiwan
authority  has  approved  352  futures/options products from 12  countries  in  24  futures  exchanges
worldwide and the total futures trading volume in Taiwan was 139.8 million contracts in 2010,  ranking
as the 17th in the world.

Jessica  Wang,  Chairwoman of Ta Chong Futures in Taiwan, noted that futures trading  participants  in
Taiwan,  whether  they  are  actual hedgers, speculative individuals or institutional  investors,  are
becoming  more  dependent  on  programmed trading due to the volatility in  the  investment  universe.
Jessica  further  noted  that most institutions in Taiwan futures market are  targeting  the  Mainland
futures  market  after  the China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) launched its  first  stock  index
futures  trading  in 2010. According to Zhu Yuchen, General Manager of CFFEX, institutional  investors
are  the  major target traders of the index futures, as they have already held more than  50%  of  the
stocks  listed in China's A-share market.  There are big potential for these investors to  trade  with
programmed  system to hedge their portfolio.  The set-up of Taiwan rep office can be a milestone  step
to develop the BotTrading market for Premier Trading.

Premier  Trading AG operates as a holding company and incorporated in Munich in November 2010,  having
business activities related distribution of BotTrading Technology and to Research and Developments  in
Betting  Machines and games built on BotTrading Technology for Casinos. BotTrading has  revolutionized
the   commodity  futures  trading  industry  by  providing  innovative  solutions  based  on  advanced
Mathematical algorithms.

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