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September 30, 2011 08:07 ET

Premier Trading AG celebrates its listing on Deutsche Borse

Premier Trading AG celebrates its listing on Deutsche Borse

(Munich 30/09/2011) Premier Trading AG is pleased with the results of its listing on the Deutsche Borse.

Premier Trading AG was listed on 04th July 2011 8:30 am with a share price of 7.10 Euro on the Deutsche Borse.
The share price went up to 11 euro on the first trading day.

Premier Trading AG operates as a holding company, having business activities related to Research and
Developments in Betting Machines and games built on BotTrading Technology for Casinos, as well as distribution
of BotTrading Technology commodity futures trading. BotTrading has revolutionized the commodity futures trading
industry by providing innovative solutions based on advanced algorithms.

"BotTrading is an innovative technology and we intend to start distributing it in Taiwan, it is a real eye-
opener for all Futures Trading Companies." Pily Wong - CEO

Premier Trading AG was incorporated in Munich in November 2010.  It develops BotTrading Casino Gaming
Technology Algorithms and "Better Odds" game design. These are the new generation betting machines which will
change the way gambling takes place.

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Interested parties can contact Pily Wong for Premier Trading AG on (+855) 12 333 662 and (+855)16 333 662 or
mail to

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