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June 15, 2012 08:42 ET

Premier Trading AG Closes a Successful First Financial Year 2011

PREMIER TRADING AG closes a successful First Financial Year 2011

Munich,  14th  June 2012 - Premier Trading AG, a Munich based public listed holding company  announces
its  consolidated  financial results for the period from its incorporation  on  January  10,  2011  to
December 31, 2011.

Key Figures

-       Total  income of EUR 1,789,176 represents net gain from sales of services of EUR 914,176  and
        sales of goods of EUR 875,000
-       Net profit of EUR 1,625,317 resulted in earnings per share of EUR 0.56
-       Throughout the year the equity capital was increased by EUR 2,888,888


The  Company  was  incorporated  on  January  10,  2011  and  commenced  operations  immediately.  The
Corporation's first transaction was the acquisition of Expert Talent Ltd. to strengthen  its  position
on Asian markets.

On July 4, 2011 Premier Trading AG was listed on the Deutsche Börse with an initial share price of EUR

In the fourth quarter of the year, Premier Trading AG expanded its distribution channels in Taiwan and
launched new innovative betting products. These new Algorithmic Trading Solutions, which include  more
efficient risk management, improve the win probability ratios.

Premier Trading AG's CEO, Pily Wong, said "Given the short history for Premier Trading AG as a company
and  considering the overall impact of the financial crisis in 2011, I am very pleased with the uptake
of Premier Trading AG's services and products by our clients. We look forward to continuing to provide
a  very  high  level  of  technology and services and an ever expanding array of  Algorithmic  Trading
Solutions to markets in Asia."

Outlook 2012

Assuming  the  Asian macroeconomic situation remains healthy in 2012, the management aims  to  achieve
progressively higher revenue in 2012 and 2013.

The company will continue its path of expanding its distribution network particularly in Asia.

The  Corporation's financial statements and management's discussion and analysis for the period  ended
December 31, 2011 will be available on our website

Premier  Trading AG operates as a holding company, having business activities related to Research  and
Developments  in  Betting Machines and games built on Algorithmic Trading Technology for  Casinos,  as
well  as distribution of Algorithmic Trading Technology commodity futures trading. Algorithmic Trading
has  revolutionized the commodity futures trading industry by providing innovative solutions based  on
advanced algorithms.

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