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March 16, 2015 13:57 ET

Premier Traveler's February/March Issue No Sooner Hit the Open Road, Before Reader's Emails Came Speeding In

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - March 16, 2015) - Do you travel with enough protection? Alison Wright, our very own Most Compelling Woman, shares personal war stories, as well as some important travel tips, not to be missed.

This issue also gives readers unique insight into the creative minds of three talented women from our list of Most Compelling Women in Travel. Each have followed the lead of their own unique vision, pursuing and achieving a level of success fueled by drive and determination. Along the way, however, each woman has stopped to take a look around, to fill a need, lend a hand, or offer inspiration to one in need - thus, giving a glimpse of the power of possibility to those who have lost sight of the horizon of hope. And what could be more compelling than that?

Captain Kathi Durst 
DFW Chief Pilot
American Airlines
Durst's ferocious determination may fuel her singular brand of optimism, a key element of her success. "If you have a dream, if you have a goal," she avowed, "nobody can take that from you unless you give it up. If you keep pursuing it, if you have patience, if you have a vision, you may find that when one door closes, another door opens. Dream big!" Durst declared. "Don't take no for an answer, find a mentor - male or female - do the hard work, and never give up."

Rahel Assefa 
Vice President of Marketing 
Ethiopian Airlines
The ability of Ethiopian women to attain status in business is born out of a philosophical thread that runs through the culture and applies to both genders. In Amharic (the national language of Ethiopia), the concept is expressed in the term Yichalal-literally, "it can be done" or "it is possible." But the deeper meaning is more profound: "It means that if you want it badly enough, you can become or do anything you set your mind to, against all odds," Assefa explained. "The sky is not the limit. There is nothing one cannot do."

Patricia Dwyer
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd.
Looking forward, Dwyer's enthusiasm and energy, determination and drive show no signs of letting up. "I always joke with my senior leaders that Embrace is on loan," she said. "The whole project is a very personal one. I probably will do something like it on my own, one day - an orphanage or children's center of some kind."

"As an only child, my mother used to drop me off at this place where there were a zillion kids," she recounted, "and it was the best thing in the world. Only when I was older did I find out that my mother was leaving me at the Red Cross when she was working. It was the most joyful experience." 

The urge to do good has not always been in line with the business model of the moment, but the days of keeping good works separate from the corporate structure is waning. 

"A special thank you to all of our readers," said Premier Traveler's Features Editor Janet Forman. "You are the inspiration behind PT and your information, personal experiences and trust is invaluable to us. We will always be your voice."


Join us for a cocktail as PT Pick's heads to the WORLD'S TOP TEN ROOFTOP BARS. "Let's talk travel," said Adam Rodriguez, PT's Executive Director. "I can always get a great table up here since vertigo has an effect on me. A middle table, away from the edges, please. Keep in mind the solution for any problem can be as simple as seeing it from a different perspective."

Radio Rooftop Bar - ME London
London, England
A city as old as modern civilization itself, London is historical, hip and everything in between. Radio Rooftop Bar serves up a prime vantage point to take in the London night, mixologist's elixir in hand, and gaze out over iconic views of London Bridge, Somerset House, South Bank, Saint Paul's Cathedral, London Eye, Houses of Parliament and more.

Lantern - The Fullerton Bay Hotel
In the midst of the darkness, red lanterns swing from an unseen pier, while the awesome dirge of the sea churns in the distance. This Singaporean bar derived its name from the very lanterns that were once used to guide the city-state's first immigrants. Now, things are a little cushier, to be sure: Guests can relax with the luxury of electricity, cold cocktails and a sublime spot for drinking in the panorama of the Marina Bay and the sizzling Singapore skyline.

Galaxy Bar - Hilton Athens Hotel
Athens, Greece
Located on the 13th floor of the Hilton Athens, Galaxy Bar proffers a sprawling view of the ancient city. Settle into the refined atmosphere, order something cosmopolitan and cast your eyes upon Mount Lycabettus and the Acropolis, Mount Hymettus and the sea at Piraeus. Spend a night with the muses, gazing out over the Mediterranean - you never know which stars might cross one another!

Top of the Strand - The Strand Hotel NYC 
New York, New York
No matter the season, this Big Apple gem will give you front-row seats to the performance that is New York City itself. A retractable glass roof ensures a cool breeze in summer and much-needed coziness in winter. Designed by Lydia Marks, set decorator for Sex and the City, Top of the Strand delivers on its promise of "the high life," where guests can toast a night on the town with skybox seats to the greatest show on earth. 

Three Sixty - Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark
St. Louis, Missouri 
Welcome to Three Sixty bar, a sprawling 6,000-square-foot space, 400 feet above downtown St. Louie, keenly positioned above Busch Stadium, offering unobstructed views. If you're a baseball fan, you can't beat this rooftop bar. More than just the stadium vista, guests can also view the famed Gateway Arch, the Mississippi River and the surrounding Midwestern plains. 

Sky Bar - Lebua 
Bangkok, Thailand
With only the stars above and the phantasmagorical Bangkok skyline below, Sky Bar isn't your average drinking lounge. A whopping 820 feet in the air, this establishment is both literally and symbolically elevating Bangkok's cocktail culture. The building's façade might be recognized from the movie Hangover II - in fact, Sky Bar created for the cast a special cocktail, appropriately named the "Hangovertini."

A'YA Lounge - Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet
Istanbul, Turkey
Experience this neo-Ottoman-style rooftop with prime views of the ancient city, the palatial Blue Mosque and the imperial Hagia Sophia. Sit back, relax and enjoy, as you view the Old World and the new, the East and the West, all in one single frame of fabulousness.

AER Lounge - Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai
Mumbai, India
India is not traditionally inclined to rooftop bars, which is what makes AER Lounge so special. All year round, even in monsoon season, this bar is open. We suggest a visit between 5:30 and 8 p.m., for the protracted Sunset Happy Hour. Guests can enjoy two-for-one cocktails and champagne while viewing a glorious sunset and preparing for a festive evening in the exotic city of Mumbai.

OZONE - The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China
Bar none, this is the place to have a drink at the top of the world. OZONE was designed as an "Edenic experiment" that will offer an uplifting experience for anyone with elevation on their mind. Incorporating expensive marble, cutting-edge lighting arrangements and futuristic furnishings, the result is a highly imaginative space in the sky. So, come enjoy a few cocktails, you're at the world's highest bar, atop the world's highest hotel. How could you have anything but high spirits?

Moon Bar - Banyan Tree Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand
If there were a world capital for rooftop bars, the winner would have to be Bangkok, with Moon Bar at Banyan Tree Hotel a shining paragon. Take an elevator to the sixtieth floor, then climb up one flight of stairs to the narrow rooftop, where the separate restaurant and bar are connected by a breathtaking sky bridge. The most striking feature of Moon Bar is its unobstructed platform, with nothing but the naked sky above and 360 degrees of cityscape all around.

"We're delighted to confirm that PT's superior articles are not only engaging to readers, but to travel-industry professionals as well," once again beamed Rodriguez, adding, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

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