December 03, 2012 08:30 ET Technical Breakout Alert: Massive Dynamics, Inc. (OTCBB: MSSD) Hits New All-Time High as Cyber Monday Sales Impress

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Technical Breakout Alert: Massive Dynamics, Inc. (OTCBB: MSSD) erupted on Friday soaring to a new All-Time High of $1.90 finishing the day up 5.56%. This breakout came on a huge increase in trading volume adding validity to the move and hinting towards a continued move higher.

Massive (OTCBB: MSSD) has built a solid base around $1.75 for about a month. Friday's surge seems to be just the beginning as we expect Massive (OTCBB: MSSD) to continue making new highs in the coming days or even weeks.

Breaking News Alert: Massive Dynamics recently released their new technological breakthrough known as the TeliPad. Management expects the TeliPad to be a "must have" this holiday season and seems to be ahead of the pack as Cyber Monday sales were better than expected. According to President Oscar Hines, Massive (OTCBB: MSSD) started receiving orders for the TeliPad before the company had even announced it. We are just days into the holiday season and the TeliPad is already proving to be one of this year's hottest, new tech gadgets.

The new TeliPad eliminates the need to carry a separate smartphone and computing tablet. Because of its two line functionality, the one TeliPad device actually takes the place of two smartphones and a tablet, by making the tablet all that you need to carry to fully communicate and interact online and on the phone. The TeliPad is about the size of a credit card and can be adhered to the back of your computing tablet or kept in close proximity, since it works via Bluetooth©. The smartphone function is designed to work on AT&T©, Verizon©, T-Mobile©, and Cellular One© networks or any network that supports SIMM. At this time, the TeliPad is not supported by Sprint© network systems technology.  

Oscar Hines went on to state, "The new TeliPad's ability to add a two-line smartphone to your Apple© iOS, Google© Android or Windows© tablet is getting a lot of attention." This certainly proved to be the case as Massive (OTCBB: MSSD) received three times the amount of preorders that they had originally hoped for.

The key to Massive's success is their ability to avoid being a one-on-one competitor with the big smartphone and tablet players like Apple and Microsoft. This is because you still must own a tablet in order to use the TeliPad. And with Apple on pace to sell 80 million iPads in 2012, Massive Dynamics (OTCBB: MSSD) has positioned themselves nicely to take a piece of a multi-billion dollar market.

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The holiday season is just warming up and we expect Massive Dynamics, Inc. (OTCBB: MSSD) to continue having success with their TeliPad product. Their early triumph on Cyber Monday gives investors an idea at the kind of sales numbers to expect in Q4 2012. With Massive's stock recently hitting a fresh All-Time High, it seems as though the TeliPad isn't the only thing that's in high demand this December. 

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