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June 18, 2012 08:30 ET U.S. Oil Production Explodes as AGR Tools Inc. Stands to Benefit Big

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In Q1 of 2012, U.S. oil production surged to levels not seen since 1998. Currently, the United States ranks 3rd in global oil production behind Russia and Saudi Arabia, according to However, the U.S. is not far behind producing about 9,056,000 barrels a day compared to Saudi Arabia's 9,764,000 (bbl/day) and Russia's 10,120,000 (bbl/day). Then, Iran ranks a distant fourth producing just 4,172,000 (bbl/day). These numbers are proof that the United States has clearly established itself as a major power in the global production and supply of oil.

With growing unrest in the Middle East and seemingly never ending uncertainty in the Euro zone, U.S. markets have been on edge for the last month as investors scrounge through daily headlines in search of anything resembling a spec of confidence. Well, while others make moves based on rumors and speculation, Mike Perinotti is making moves based on facts and statistics; numbers don't lie and the U.S. is expected to increase production by 20% in 2020, 11% higher than the previous forecast by the Energy Information Agency (EIA). The EIA also reported that U.S. imports of oil are expected to drop to 36% of total consumption by 2035, down from 49% in 2010. As a result, it's time to start looking into American oil companies and few stand more poised to benefit from the renaissance of U.S. oil production than AGR Tools Inc. (OTCQB: AGRT).


AGR Tools' (OTCQB: AGRT) mission is to explore, develop, and acquire sources of oil and natural gas. Their goal is to expand their reserve base and increase cash flow through investment in the management of exploration and acquisition of both new and existing oil and gas assets. AGR Tools (OTCQB: AGRT) has recently signed an agreement to acquire three Texas oil and gas leases ( The agreement consists of 70% working interest in 3 leases totaling approximately 547 acres with an already recorded 100 million barrels. Vern Wilson, CEO of AGR Tools (OTCQB: AGRT), commented, "Management is pleased to have a second and highly prospective acquisition underway with this new agreement. With potential for ten wells, management believes a significant increase in reserves may be realized thus increasing value for Shareholders."

This Texas acquisition is momentous as several energy analysts and experts have found the recent boom in U.S. oil production to be a direct result of increased output from Texas. Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at Oil Price Information Service, said that high oil prices have created incentives for expanded oil plays like the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas. Richard Newell, former head of the EIA from 2009-2011 and now professor of energy economics at Duke University, agrees. Kevin Brook, another energy analyst, said, "It surprised everybody that we have this resource and that we have so much of it... And the potential is tremendous. Because one thing we know about shale is that it's basically everywhere."

Even oil titan, Apache Corp. (APA) trading at $87.00 a share on the NYSE with a $34billion market cap, has positioned deep-water blocks in West Texas's Permian Basin. By 2016, Apache (APA) plans to make the United States its largest source of oil or 41% of their total production on the back of their Texas location. Steve Farris, CEO of Apache (APA), said, "U.S. liquids is going to lead growth... It's really the beginning of a new life cycle." If a $34billion market cap oil company is positioning itself in Texas, I am confident that AGR Tools (OTCQB: AGRT) can benefit greatly from their new Texas acquisition.

Amy Myers Jaffe, energy expert at Rice University said, "It really is going to be transformative," when asked about the recent and further expected increase in U.S. oil production.

AGR Tools (OTCQB: AGRT) is taking all the necessary steps to ensure that they take advantage of the American oil explosion. On May 31, 2012, AGR Tools (OTCQB: AGRT) announced that they secured $20 million in non-dilutive financing ( This financing will be utilized to acquire what management believes are attractive oil and gas properties throughout the United States. In addition to the three Texas leases, AGR Tools (OTCQB: AGRT) is actively seeking the Paul Lease in Overton County, Tennessee, as well as others not yet named.


2011 was a year filled with disruptive events from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan to civil war in Libya. It was the United States' record oil production that helped meet the world's oil demand when other oil nations dealt with unrest and revolution. U.S. oil production led all non-OPEC output for the third year in a row. Our country's efforts have already helped push oil prices down as the USO (stock quote for United States Oil) is down 31% from its 2011 peak. AGR Tools (OTCQB: AGRT) stands ready to push operations forward as increasing U.S. oil production continues to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Mike Perinotti recommends beginning research on AGR Tools Inc. (OTCQB: AGRT) right away. U.S. oil companies receive another boost of confidence with each domestic oil production report released, something lacking in today's general market sentiment. With a $20 million financing, AGR Tools Inc. (OTCQB: AGRT) could begin swallowing up both new and existing oil wells similar to their Texas acquisition and current pursuit of the Paul Lease in Tennessee. This would be great news for shareholders as an increase in reserves would seem imminent. Don't miss out on the American oil rush. Learn more about AGR Tools Inc. (OTCQB: AGRT).

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