November 10, 2016 09:30 ET

Premiums for Alternative Health Insurance Bought Outside Government Exchanges Average $103 a Month

As Obamacare Premiums Rise, Term Health Insurance Plans Help Fill Affordability Gap

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2016) - New data released today by shows that 65 percent of term health insurance plans purchased by consumers on its website had monthly premiums of $100 or less. Plans with monthly premiums of more than $100 but at most $200 were also popular, accounting for 23 percent of health plan selections.

The average premiums on align well with recent news regarding premium affordability. A November 2016 survey by insurance research and comparison firm HealthPocket found that $100 or less was the highest monthly premium 52 percent of adults nationwide could afford to pay for health insurance. The average monthly premium for term health insurance plans selected on was $103. The findings are based on term health insurance plans purchased by consumers between Jan. 1, 2016, and Nov. 7, 2016, on that had a duration of at least 30 days.

The average premium for term health plans available on invite cost comparisons with those observed on, the government marketplace for Obamacare plans. Obamacare plans have broad benefits but have very different costs based on whether an individual is eligible for a subsidy. For 2016 plans on, the average premium with subsidies included is only $106. However, in the absence of subsidies, the average premium is $386. Consumers on paid 73 percent less than the average premium without subsidies on

"Obamacare premiums have increased an average of 25 percent this year, making finding an affordable plan more difficult," said Bruce Telkamp, CEO of "Fortunately for consumers, the private health insurance marketplace is helping to fill this affordability gap with term health insurance and other emerging insurance products."

Term health insurance plans are a compelling alternative for dissatisfied Obamacare consumers who struggle with the cost of those plans. Term insurance plans have broader provider network coverage than most Obamacare plans so enrollees can go to most doctors and still be covered. Out-of-network coverage is available for term insurance plans sold on

Term health insurance is a form of major medical insurance that provides coverage in case of illness or an accident for a set period of time. Term health insurance does not provide identical coverage as Obamacare plans, and benefit and eligibility differences contribute to the cost savings observed. Consumers apply and, depending on their health status (including pre-existing conditions), they may or may not be eligible for specific plans. Additionally, with term health insurance, consumers may still be subject to the Obamacare Tax unless they qualify for one of several exemptions from the tax. Term plans often include co-pays and deductibles that parallel Obamacare plans, as well as lifetime maximums of $1 million or more. was created to educate people about the availability of affordable alternatives to Obamacare, including term health insurance, and provide a fast, online process for purchasing these plans. Term health insurance is a flexible and low-cost major medical insurance for individuals without expensive pre-existing health conditions. It is not Obamacare. Term health plans offer consumers the flexibility to choose health plans with the benefits that matter most to them and combine these benefits with broad provider networks. Additional information about AgileHealthInsurance can be found at

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