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November 22, 2016 05:00 ET

Preparing Hoarded Homes for Winter

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - November 22, 2016) - Address Our Mess is offering cleanup services for hoarded and cluttered homes in Pennsylvania to get properties ready before winter.

The onset of cold weather often means a difficult time for hoarders. All homes are susceptible to utilities breaking -- water, heat, air conditioning, etc. -- but for hoarders this can become extremely problematic. If an essential service like heat stops working in a hoarded home, there is often no way to repair it because maintenance workers won't be able to access the unit. Not having heat can decrease quality of living and can even present health concerns.

A lack of heat is also problematic because hoarders usually turn to space heaters when the main heating system can't be fixed. Although this is a temporary solution, space heaters are one of the biggest fire hazards in hoarded homes. Plastic around the heater could melt, if it's too tightly surrounded by belongings it can be dangerous, and if it tips over into a pile it can cause a fire. Even firefighters are often unable to navigate through hoarded homes, which puts all the occupants of the home in danger. The best solution is to make sure the house is clean and accessible to maintenance and emergency workers.

Address Our Mess offers a complete cleanup of hoarded homes. Teams with at least two technicians and a case manager are sent out to work with homeowners. Together they decide what should be kept, donated, and thrown away. Address Our Mess hauls away all trash, handles storage transportation, and takes all donations to a charity of the customer's choice and in the customer's name. After cleanout, the home may also need a deep cleaning that takes care of floors, walls, surface areas, and any gross filth or waste.

It's important to take care of hoarding cleanout before the weather gets too cold and it becomes an emergency situation for the homeowner. Address Our Mess ensures properties are returned to a safe, clean, and livable condition so that the winter doesn't have to be a dangerous time.

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Address Our Mess is a professional specialty cleaning company that handles hoarding, clutter, sorting, removal, and large organizational projects. The company has a mission to help give a fresh start to as many people as possible.

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