July 09, 2013 09:00 ET

PrePass Enrollment Tops 450,000 Trucks

System Safety, Security and Data Policy Contribute to Growth

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - Jul 9, 2013) - HELP's PrePass truck safety screening service has reached an all-time high enrollment with more than 450,000 trucks now participating in the service.

"The enrollment of safe trucks is among our most important measurements of success," said Karen Rasmussen, President and CEO of HELP Inc., the public-private partnership that provides PrePass, PrePass Plus, 360SmartView and other safety and efficiency services. "This significant milestone in truck participation provides direct benefits to commercial vehicle inspection agencies and truckers alike."

PrePass is the largest preclearance system in North America, available at more than 300 inspection facilities in 31 states. By allowing compliant trucks and safe drivers to bypass PrePass-equipped inspection facilities, PrePass ensures weigh station queues are more likely to be motor carriers in need of enforcement scrutiny. For the motor carrier industry, bypassing means reduced fuel consumption, driver time and operational costs.

"HELP's Board of Directors attributes our twenty-year success with PrePass to two primary elements," Rasmussen added. "The first is the unparalleled safety, security and toll collection interoperability made possible through the use of hands-free transponders. The second is a data policy that, unlike other truck screening systems, assures our motor carrier customers that they are not held to a higher standard because they adopt PrePass technology."

Since its inception, PrePass has resulted in saving more than 221 million gallons of fuel, 46 million hours of driver time and $3.8 billion operational savings.

HELP Inc. (HELP) is transportation's premier, not-for-profit partnership whose mission is to improve highway safety and efficiency. Celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year, HELP ensures its initiatives benefit both public and private sectors through safety policies developed by a board comprised of an equal number of public officials and commercial vehicle operators. HELP provides each state with control over its service offerings to accommodate each jurisdiction's unique needs, staffing and enforcement priorities. HELP's investment of more than $400 million has sped the deployment of ITS and has improved safety, air quality and highway preservation.

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