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January 28, 2015 09:00 ET

Prescription Painkiller Addiction Leads to Street Drug Use

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 28, 2015) - Three out of four new heroin users report having abused prescription painkillers prior to using heroin. Ironically, heroin is far cheaper and more accessible than gray-market prescription painkillers.

This and other sobering facts about prescription painkiller addiction are explored in a new blog just published by Innovative Detox, a Las Vegas-based medical alternative to conventional drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

"Not everyone who is prescribed opioids will become dependent," according to Innovative Detox CEO Dr. Lucas Furst. "There are biological, genetic and environmental risk factors that can increase the likelihood of abuse and addiction."

Dr. Furst pointed out that when patients do become addicted to their prescription painkillers, they have four choices:

  • They can try to beat their addiction through sheer willpower, by going cold turkey or enrolling in a conventional drug rehab program; or,
  • They can doctor-shop or connect with the "street" to obtain additional prescription meds on the gray market; or,
  • They can turn to black-market drugs such as heroin; or,
  • They can seek a medical solution to their addiction

"We offer that medical solution," Dr. Furst said. "Unlike most conventional drug rehab programs, we put our patients through detox while they're under anesthesia, sparing them the suffering that accompanies withdrawal. Then, in addition to providing them medical and psychological support, we provide them with a non-addictive prescription that blocks re-addiction while blunting the cravings that they would otherwise have to deal with.

"Addiction is a medical problem," Dr. Furst pointed out, "and we offer those addicted to prescription painkillers, other opiates or alcohol a medical solution to their addiction."

This most recent fact-filled blog published by Innovative Detox explores what prescription painkillers are most frequently abused. This blog also examines the $35 billion dollar conventional drug addiction rehab program industry, citing recent studies which find that willpower-based treatment programs have a 75 percent failure rate.

"Those addicted to painkillers, through no fault of their own, should not feel their only hope is to turn to a treatment approach that fails three times out of four," Dr. Furst said. "That is why we created Innovative Detox, to provide a medical alternative that really works.

"Our patent-pending new medical approach treats addiction like a disease -- which it is."

About Innovative Detox
Las Vegas-based Innovative Detox was created by four medical professionals to offer people addicted to alcohol or prescription painkillers a medically-sound alternative to conventional drug rehab and alcohol addiction programs, which have a 75 percent failure rate, allowing clients to medically overcome their addictions and begin their second chance at life, a life free from addiction.

While there are limited risks to any procedure involving anesthesia, Innovative Detox's patent-pending ID Method -- based around the exclusive Beckett Protocol is medically-safe when administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist.

For more information, those struggling with addiction should contact Innovative Detox at 702-450-8450, or at To interview Dr. Furst, please contact Ned Barnett at 702-561-1167 or

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