Governor General of Canada

Governor General of Canada

November 26, 2009 12:09 ET

Presentation of a Meritorious Service Decoration (Military Division)

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire- Nov. 26, 2009)— On behalf of Her Excellency the Right Honourable MichaëlleJean, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, General WalterNatynczyk, Chief of the Defence Staff, presented a MeritoriousService Medal (Military Division) to a New Zealand citizen whosespecific achievements have brought honour to Canada. Colonel Colin P.Richardson, of the New Zealand Army, received his decoration onWednesday November 25, 2009, during a ceremony in Ottawa.
Colonel Richardson's citationfollows. For additional information on the Meritorious Service Decorations,please see Annex A.

ColonelColin P. Richardson, M.S.M. (New Zealand Army)
MeritoriousService Medal (Military Division)

Colonel Richardson hasconsistently exhibited a rare standard of professionalism, skill and initiativein his duties as the defence advisor for New Zealand, in Canada, from July 2006to August 2009. He has worked tirelessly to ensure the closest co-ordinationand co-operation between Canadian and New Zealand armed forces in Afghanistan.Under his stewardship, the Canada-New Zealand Exchange Programme has providedan optimal contribution to the Canadian Forces.


The Meritorious Service Decorations include amilitary division and a civil division, with two levels each: a medal and across. The military division recognizes individuals for their outstandingprofessionalism and for bringing honour to the Canadian Forces and to Canada.The civil division recognizes individuals who have performed an exceptionaldeed or an activity that brought honour to the community or to Canada.

TheMeritorious Service Cross (Military Division) recognizes a military deedor activity that has been performed in an outstandingly professional manner,according to a rare high standard that brings considerable benefit or greathonour to the Canadian Forces. 

TheMeritorious Service Medal (Military Division) recognizes a military deedor activity performed in a highly professional manner, according to a very highstandard that brings benefit or honour to the Canadian Forces.

These decorations are an important part of theCanadian Honours System, which recognizes excellence. Meritorious ServiceDecorations honour either a single achievement or an activity over a specifiedperiod. The Meritorious Service Decorations are open to both Canadians andnon-Canadians.

Anyone may nominate an individual for the civil division ofthe Meritorious Service Decorations, while military candidates are recommendedby the Chief of the Defence Staff. Nominations and awards may be madeposthumously, but nominations for activities that occurred prior to June 1984,the year in which the honour was first created, are not accepted.

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