Pressure Group

June 11, 2007 18:27 ET

Pressure Group: Unrestricted Design Battle 2008 is Calling on Toronto's Art and Design Community

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you

MARKHAM, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 11, 2007) - Plans have been in the works for the past 2 years for the creation of Toronto's first visual design tournament aptly named, Unrestricted 2008, Design Battle. Constantly trying to inspire artistic expression, is currently constructing a means for designers to exercise their creativity in a timed competitive format.

Competitors work-in-progress will be viewed on 4 huge screens while all 4 contenders compete on 4 separate computers at once. The Unrestricted 2008 Design Battle will provide a theme for the design creation just prior to the head-to-head battle. At the strike of a bell, each designer materializes their artful impression on the computer in less than 20 minutes. The winner is judged by a panel of influential industry leaders. All judges and sponsors will be announced closer to the event.

Toronto designers, artists, and the entire marketing community will be invited to experience various lifestyle elements surrounding the competition floor. This event was designed to be funky with constant activity in mind to entertain guests with art exhibitions that showcase new elements of design, and graffiti artists live at work in the tempo of music played by infamous DJs.

As Pressure's CEO, Barron Lau remarks, "We recognize that designers are always looking for ways to express themselves. This will be a gathering of design addicts in Toronto and perfect time and place for them to finally get together."

Pressure(i) is Toronto's first all competition creative outsource studio specializing in viral, guerilla, buzz, social and word-of-mouth marketing. Pressure, formerly known as DIG (Digital Impressions Group), was founded in 1999 with the mandate to provide creative design and execution within all media forms. The studio is raising the bar with its competition-level quality standards and wouldn't expect anything less for their clients.

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