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May 14, 2007 08:00 ET

PRESTO Featured in On-Site Installation Tour Sponsored by AJA Conference

Innovative Security Electronics System Featured at Davidson County Correctional Development Center

CHANTILLY, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 14, 2007 -- SundRy, Inc., a leading provider of adaptable and robust security electronics and information system products, design and consulting services for justice and public safety agencies, today announced that their successful installation and implementation of PRESTO, their flagship product, will be featured in an on-site tour of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Sheriff's Office (DCSO). The tour will be sponsored by the American Jail Association's (AJA) Annual Training and Jail Conference Expo, to be held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn., from May 20-24, 2007.

The tours will take place on Monday, May 21 and Tuesday, May 22 at 2:30 and 3:30 p.m., allowing attendees to actually inspect a live installation of the PRESTO system at the Correctional Development Center's (CDC-F) Women's Intake and Administration facility, a multi-security institution. The CDC-F opened in March 2005, and is the first standalone female facility in Davidson County. The new administrative building and two new housing units have the PRESTO system installed and running smoothly.

All doors in the CDC-F are controlled from a modern central control room using the PRESTO system with officers at PC consoles. Most communications for access control are handled via intercom; digital video is routed to consoles using TCP/IP; and all recordings are digital, using disk storage for rapid access. Consoles in the housing units allow officers to control cell doors and pod access with delegated control from the central control operation.

The PRESTO system is also installed in the Justice A.A. Birch Building (courthouse) and the Criminal Justice Center (CJC). The system has been in place with the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and DCSO for 18 months, and is well regarded by the users.

A hallmark of the system is the intuitive operator interface. Operators are proficient after only an hour of on-the-job training. "All of the buttons are labeled with no icons to memorize, and routine operations like opening a door require only two operator clicks," said an officer following a brief training session. "This system is really easy to use."

PRESTO is a highly configurable, integrated security command and control system for prisons, jails and other high-security facilities. It provides security control and management with access control, intrusion detection, emergency response, video surveillance and notifications. In addition, it includes capabilities for integration with existing security subsystems and information systems to provide a single comprehensive view to operators.

"PRESTO represents the next-generation, high-security control system," said SundRy President Tom Sundstrom. "Its standards-based, open-system architecture design is highly scalable, can address any size operation, and can be installed with new construction or retrofitted into existing facilities. It is easily configurable, so modification and maintenance can be performed by in-house IT staff, giving the owner the option to enter into a maintenance agreement -- or not. And we can deliver PRESTO at a considerably lower price-point than other offerings, while providing higher functionality."

PRESTO Features

Highly Scalable And Configurable During and After Installation -- The object-oriented design allows building cost-effective systems for 100 beds to very large systems. Many configuration changes can be made easily by updating tables.

Queues for Incoming Intercom Requests and System Alarms -- All operations are run from the queues, which can be systematically allocated to consoles throughout a facility. Queues enable workload distribution and rapid processing. PRESTO features a single click queue interface to "pop" an item off the queue, and automatically bring up the floor plan screen, assigned video camera, and open the intercom channel for listening. This one-click automation is the primary reason for safe and reliable process rates of five transactions per minute in high-security settings.

Configurable Console Modes -- Depending on traffic loads within various periods, console modes can be configured to assign specific operational areas to specific consoles for processing.

Emergency Or Alternate Control Room Capability -- Provision for an emergency or backup control center is easily accomplished, since console communications are all standard TCP/IP. Routine monitoring of video in a PC window requires only a TCP/IP connection to the normally isolated network.

Configurable Emergency Release and Response Routes -- Multiple emergency release routes and point-to-point response routes can be configured and individually activated by the operator with a single action.

Configurable Group Actions -- Groups of cell doors can be configured and actions for the group initiated as a single operator action (e.g., to open all cells in a block for recreation).

System Logging -- All operator actions and inputs from field devices are logged with date/time/user stamp for future reference or review. Operator actions to record video include pre-event frames in the recording. Incidents can be easily reconstructed using both device and user inputs with supporting video to provide evidence for crimes, as well as evidence to refute charges from inmates. Also provides audit support for any system input or action.

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