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August 21, 2012 12:00 ET

Prevent the Holiday Slump with Veterinary Practice Management Solutions

Have the Best Holiday Season Ever with Veterinary Practice Solutions' Six Minute Veterinary Marketing Video

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 21, 2012) - Veterinary Practice Solutions - Many veterinary practices have a slump during holidays. Whether it's a long weekend, Thanksgiving, or other holiday, business tends to slow down. But according to Dr. Joel Parker, DVM, President and co-founder of consulting company Veterinary Practice Solutions (VPS) and expert in veterinary practice management, business can be better than ever during the holidays if you just know how to do it, and start preparing well enough in advance.

"Holidays, especially Christmas, Hanukah and winter holidays, are crucial for retailers. Retail profits are largely made during October, November and December, when consumers are spending. But that's not the way it works for a veterinary practice, or the private practices of almost any professional. The more money consumers have to spend elsewhere, the less they tend to spend on the vet and their doctor in a non-emergency situation," said Dr. Parker.

While it's true that people are spending money on gifts, or are out of town or busy preparing for family and other guests during the holiday season, that doesn't really have to affect your practice, Dr. Parker explained. For every person who goes out of town, there are thousands still at home, and all it takes is a little planning to make sure their holidays include a visit to your office.

"Holiday marketing plans are a vital element of veterinary practice management. We help our clients develop their plan and make sure they take the steps necessary to ensure their practice is busy during the holidays. I recommend starting months in advance, and that's what it takes. You have to reach a lot of people to make up for those who are too busy with the holidays, and that takes time. If you start too late, not enough people will find out about it. But if you do it right, the holidays will be better for you than the rest of the year."

So, how do you develop a plan and make sure it's fully executed. Dr. Parker explains exactly how to do this in his YouTube video, Whiteboard Wednesdays - Handling the Holiday Slump. This six-minute veterinary marketing video tells you everything you need to know - including what to do about employees who are not doing their part.

Whiteboard Wednesdays is a series of YouTube videos produced and posted by Veterinary Practice Solutions, hosted by Dr. Parker. They are brief - 5 to 10 minutes long - and cover a variety of topics designed to help veterinary private practice owners and employees get the management skills they need to grow their practice smoothly.

"White Board Wednesdays rock! I can quickly watch a topic on my phone while eating breakfast before week. The topics are relevant and to the point. I have already shared several of the topics with my team. Thanks for the cool format." Dr. Kent Julius.

"I had all my front desk staff listen to the whiteboard on converting phone shoppers to clients. Everybody agreed it was very helpful. Keep up the good work!" Dr. Evelyn Bock

For more information on preventing holidays slumps, tune into Whiteboard Wednesdays - Handling the Holiday Slump. To get help with other areas of veterinary practice management, watch the Whiteboard Wednesdays launch video and continue on to subsequent videos on the VPS YouTube channel. New videos are posted for viewing by 5:00 a.m. each Wednesday.

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