September 14, 2012 13:08 ET

Prevention is Cheaper Than the Cure

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 14, 2012) - We all keep our homes and possessions safe under lock, key and the latest security alarm systems but rarely do we consider threats that come from within. They may not be the most menacing threats our homes face but problems like damp and mildew can creep up on us causing damage and devastation. As well as saving your homes health, catching damp early can save you time, money and a very big headache. Dehumidifiers are an instant solution to fighting the crime against damp and keeping your home safe and sound both outside and in. Depending on your budget needs and necessities there are a great range of dehumidifiers for your home.

A dehumidifier is an essential to help you treat damp but as the age old saying says prevention is cheaper than the cure, so what are the other causes and how can we help prevent it?

Just like us your home needs to breathe

Everyday tasks like washing and cleaning all add moisture to the air but apart from being a great excuse to do them less we need to allow excess water escape. Ventilation is a simple and effective method to helping our homes breathe and opening windows and doors for a few hours a day is by far the easiest way to do this. During the summer this may seem like an ideal solution but bring on the British winters and opening windows and doors to let precious heat out is not an option!

Clear your gutters and your mind

Changing the causes of damp such as building design or construction is off limits for the regular home owner; however there are a number of much more accessible steps we can all take to keep humidity at bay. Up keeping regular maintenance like clearing gutters and drains of litter, soil and grime build up is essential to prevent leaks and overspills which can lead to water penetration through our walls.

An attack from all angles

Our homes are battered with rain from above and soaked with water from the earth below. Rising damp can be a major contributing factor to the moisture levels in our homes but it is also very dependent on the age and size of the house. The older and larger the house the more likely it is to suffer from damp and although a damp proofing course is recommended this can be a costly solution.

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