Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc.

Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc.

January 21, 2014 08:00 ET

Primus: Internet-Based Phone Service Celebrates 10 Years in Canada

Groundbreaking VoIP Service First Launched to Canadians by Primus

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Jan. 21, 2014) - This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the introduction of phone service over the Internet (otherwise known as Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP or digital phone) to Canadian consumers and businesses. Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. ("Primus"), the country's largest alternative telecommunications service provider, was the first to launch this innovative technology in Canada.

Since Primus' groundbreaking Canadian launch of VoIP in 2004 (today called 'Digital Home Phone' for consumers and 'Business VoIP' for businesses), the technology's evolution and adoption in Canada has been significant. It has gone from being on the fringe to becoming one of the key alternatives to conventional landlines. Driven by growth in broadband networks, continued advances in VoIP technology and cost effectiveness for customers, VoIP is now widely accepted by consumers and businesses alike.

"We are proud of our company's history in establishing and guiding a robust industry for VoIP services in Canada," explains Michael Nowlan, CEO of Primus. "As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of this important milestone, we are even more committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience and innovative technologies to Canadian consumers and businesses across the country."

Consumers' enthusiastic adoption of digital phone service a big reason for its success

There are a variety of ways consumers benefit from using digital phone services to connect with family and friends. Among them are the significant cost savings, the freedom to use the service from anywhere the Internet can be accessed, as well as unique features such as the ability to receive voicemail via email. Primus customers also benefit from its patented 'Telemarketing Guard' technology which identifies, screens and blocks calls from telemarketers. This is the only technology of this kind in North America, and further establishes Primus' leadership role in the industry.

Consumers have certainly taken enthusiastic note of Primus' leadership and the value its digital phone service provides to Canadians. In September 2013, Primus received an exclusive Consumer Choice Award (CCA) for being the top ranked VoIP service provider in Hamilton for its 'Digital Home Phone' service. The CCAs are distinguished awards for business excellence in Canada, recognizing only the most outstanding service providers by industry and validating Primus' commitment to put its customers' needs at the heart of everything they do while consistently delivering a superior customer experience.

Businesses also buy into VoIP's many competitive advantages

Canadian businesses are also leveraging VoIP-based solutions such as Hosted PBX, a fully-managed, enterprise-grade phone system that uses cloud-based technology. And they are quickly discovering the competitive advantages these solutions have to offer, including scalability (the system is designed to grow with your business), flexibility (company staff is accessible at anytime and anywhere), reliability (built-in failover and disaster recovery eliminates the risk of downtime) and cost savings (eliminates the need for large capital investments or maintenance fees) among others. All of this helps business and IT leaders focus on growing their companies, not on the complexities involved in managing their networks.

"Internet phone service has come a long way in the last decade," says Matt Stein, Chief Technology Officer, Primus. "VoIP is now so popular with consumers and businesses that it's recognized as the future of telecommunications. Once only used for carrying voice, it is now also the basis by which we carry video and instant messages. Our early leadership with this technology has firmly positioned Primus for future growth and success."

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Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. is the largest alternative telecommunications service provider in Canada. Primus offers a wide selection of consumer and business telecommunications services available nationwide including Home Phone, Internet, Long Distance, VoIP, Enterprise IP Voice Solutions, Hosted Phone Systems (Hosted PBX), Dedicated Data Access and IP connectivity solutions. In the United States, Primus provides reliable and affordable digital home phone (VoIP) service under the Lingo brand. Acquired by York Capital Management in July 2013, Primus Canada was founded in 1997 and has over 600 employees located in offices across Canada including Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, London and Edmundston. For further information, visit

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