Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

April 17, 2009 17:26 ET

Prince Edward Island Regulated for Japanese Beetle

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 17, 2009) - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is taking action to contain the Japanese beetle in Prince Edward Island (PEI) by restricting the movement of all plants including plants with soil out of the province. This invasive pest is most commonly spread when people move these infested items.

Regulated materials cannot be moved from PEI to a province that is not regulated for the pest without prior approval from the CFIA. Those who do so could face fines and/or prosecution. Provinces already regulated for Japanese beetle due to previous finds of the pest include Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec. Plants can be freely moved within and between these regulated provinces now including PEI.

The Japanese beetle is a highly destructive plant pest native to the main islands of Japan. It attacks the foliage and fruit of more than 250 host plants. The CFIA detected Japanese beetles in PEI in 2008 through a plant pest survey which was completed in the fall. The survey indicated an established population which led the CFIA to put regulatory control measures in place for the province. Consultations and communications with stakeholders on these new measures took place over the winter.

The CFIA continues to work with other federal departments, provinces, municipalities and other stakeholders to develop strategies to control Japanese beetle and slow its spread.

Additional information on the Japanese beetle is available on the CFIA web site at

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