March 20, 2007 07:03 ET

PriorList Launches the World's First Website for Pocket Listings

Unique Listing Service Company Establishes Itself in Florida and California, and Underscores Its Commitment to Create an Integrated Listing Service That Showcases Only Privately Sold Homes (or Pocket Listings) to the Public

TEQUESTA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 20, 2007 -- PriorList LLC has announced a unique online service that is now in beta and will be generally available (GA) on April 16, 2007. PriorList is the world's first online real estate listing service dedicated solely to showcasing only "homes sold privately" commonly referred to as "pocket listings." The PriorList website ( provides a unique approach, which aggregates this select group of homes from around the country into a single website or portal.

"Pocket listings are very common in the industry but are not widely spoken about or marketed to the public. Typically, a broker markets these properties through their individual (local) website and/or through their personal network of potential investors. In most cases, the public never gets to consider these homes when purchasing. The average homebuyer is unaware of the pocket listing system and the benefit it brings, yet without it, discovering every available home for sale in a specific area is impossible," noted Bob Kelly, CEO of PriorList. PriorList is a free service, however, for the selling agent; it is subscription-based.

"This is the easiest and most cost-effective way for brokers and private home sellers to extend their reach. Other listing services simply re-list the same homes displayed on Multiple Listing Service (or MLS). PriorList displays a completely different set of homes, since MLS does not list pocket listings. In fact, PriorList actually complements MLS by showcasing homes NOT listed in MLS. When homebuyers look at real estate listings from both listing services (MLS and PriorList), they actually have viewed close to every home available on the market," stated Doug Lencioni, COO of PriorList.

Homebuyers benefit from PriorList by finding uniquely marketed homes normally not found through traditional channels (MLS). The "home seller" is able to market their home for sale to a broader network of potential buyers and the "seller agent" can maximize their marketing network to promote the privately listed property. PriorList's innovative listing model drives the overall costs lower.

About PriorList

PriorList is the leading provider of online real estate listings of privately sold homes, typically called pocket listings. Established in 2006, PriorList LLC is headquartered in Tequesta, Florida.

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