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October 15, 2007 12:12 ET

Private CNS Company Review Announced by NI Research

CARDIFF, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2007) - NI Research today announced the release of the 2007-8 Edition of the annual Private CNS Company Review. PCNS 2007-8 covers privately held companies worldwide that are primarily devoted to the development of novel therapeutics for neurological and psychiatric disorders. PCNS 2007-8 is the most comprehensive and extensive edition yet, reviewing 99 companies in 137 pages. PCNS has become a favored resource for pharmaceutical industry Business Development teams and for VC's evaluating the universe of strategic opportunities for inlicensing, outlicensing, M&A, collaboration, and financing. The 2007-8 Edition is fully updated and revised, and is issued in pdf format. This permits easy searchability and sharing within workgroups in the same location.

For each company reviewed, Private CNS Company Review 2007-8 provides information and expert opinion regarding clinical/preclinical activity, scientific platforms, contact information, alliances, financing, and prospects. Among the companies reviewed are:

Accera, AC Immune, Acumen, Adamas, Affectis, American Life Science Pharmaceuticals, Argolyn Bioscience, ArmaGen, Avera Pharmaceuticals, Axxonis Pharma, Azevan Pharmaceuticals, Banyan Biomarkers, Bayhill Therapeutics, Biocortech, BrainCells, Brane Discovery, Cambria Bioscience, Cara Therapeutics, Cellzome, CeNeRx BiopPharma, Ceregene, Cognitive Pharmaceuticals, Cognosci, CoLucid, CoMentis, D-Pharm,Elbion, Emerillon Therapeutics, EnVivo Pharmaceuticals, Faust Pharmaceuticals, Galenea, Helicon Therapeutics, Hunter-Fleming, Intra-Cellular Therapies, KeyNeurotek, Kinexis, Maas Biolab, Neuraxo, NeurAxon, NeuroHealing, Neuromed, NeuroNova, NsGene, NuPathe, Ovation Pharmaceuticals, PainCeptor, Prestwick Pharmaceuticals, ProNeuron, PsyNova, RemeGenix, Ruxton Pharmaceuticals, Solace Pharmaceuticals, Solstice Neurosciences, Stealth Peptides, Synosia Therapeutics, Thuris, Tikvah Therapeutics, TorreyPines Therapeutics, Trophos, Voyager Pharmaceuticals, Xytis, Yaupon Therapeutics, Zogenix.

PCNS 2007-8 offers additional new features. It includes a review of partnering/licensing candidates categorized by stage of clinical development; the best preclinical/discovery stage programs, and NI Research's selection of the 'Ten Best' CNS private company licensing opportunities. The new edition also includes an assessment of the venture capital firms most involved with CNS companies, providing a quantified ranking of these firms in terms of the quality of their CNS portfolios over the years 2003-7.

137 pages, 99 companies, 31 tables. US$3300.00

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