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College Bound Funding

September 20, 2010 09:10 ET

Private College Education Possible at Public College Costs

Four Pathways System Guides Parents to Maximum Financial Assistance Awards

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - September 20, 2010) -  College Bound Funding (CBF) announced a new website that guides parents and students through the challenging college selection and financial award process. This is particularly relevant now since economic conditions have reduced the ability of families to afford college. By using the Four Pathways system, families will learn how private colleges can cost about the same or even less than public colleges and will be guided to achieve private college enrollment with maximum financial awards.

With the total annual cost of state colleges approximately $21,000 and the average student graduating in five and a half years, a public college degree costs $115,000. Some public schools cost even more. For example, the total cost per year for an in-state student living on campus at UCLA is over $29,000. Families with college bound students who use the Four Pathways can optimize the selection process and maximize award packages of college grants and scholarships. The Four Pathways include: 1) picking the right schools; 2) marketing the student to those schools; 3) being first in line for consideration and 4) achieving maximum award packages.

"Most people believe that a private college education is financially out of reach," said Mike Brady, president, College Bound Funding. "CBF offers families the ability to optimize an award package. Through Four Pathways, it's not only possible but likely to send their student to a private college for the cost of a public college."

"College Bound Funding is responsible for saving our family over $70,000 in college costs," said Tim Bonino, Portland, Oregon.

Pricing & Extras
The complete online CBF Four Pathway system costs only $180, but can put a quality private college education within reach. CBF also provides regular newsletters to all subscribers, free of charge, which guide parents through critical timelines for school assessment, application, and financial evaluation. Families also learn how to take advantage of special circumstance programs available to offset difficult life developments such as job layoffs, divorce, or medical emergencies. 

About College Bound Funding
College Bound Funding focuses on the proven Four Pathways system developed over 17 years to help students obtain a private college education for about the same cost as a public university. 

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