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May 18, 2015 09:00 ET

Private Communications Corporation Unveils Its Partner Program for Securing and Optimizing Experiences for a Mobile First Planet

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 18, 2015) - Private Communications Corporation (PCC), the leading provider of Internet security and mobile optimization utilities for consumers, today is pleased to officially announce its partner program for companies looking to provide more secure, higher-performing mobile services to their customers to achieve new market differentiation. Having successfully developed and deployed these approaches in 'stealth mode,' we're now formalizing and announcing our partnering as a fundamental part of our strategy.

PCC starting in 2013 established our very successful relationship with AOL, which distributes PCC's flagship offering, PRIVATE WiFi, as part of AOL's Member Benefits. PCC's partnering strategy has evolved over the past few years to include innovative business models with supporting technology for various players in the wifi, mobile and cable ecosystems with a particular focus on Value Added Services (VAS) providers enabling services for these players. Additionally, PCC has been working with anti virus and software platform companies for them to seamlessly enable security and mobile optimization services for their customers.

PCC's partnering business models include:

  • Value Added Distribution - Partners can create new revenue streams by offering PCC's leading-edge products as part of their own products, platforms and channels.
  • Private Branding - PCC's white labeling technology can quickly create fully customizable products that partners can market as their own.
  • Technology Integration - PCC's SDK can be used to add value to partners' product line or create bespoke new products that seamlessly integrate into partners' offerings.

Mature and highly developed technology and a fast and problem-free startup process support each of these approaches. Partners can use PCC's existing, highly scalable worldwide server network, or PCC can build dedicated, distributed networks conforming to partner requirements. 

Commenting on the announcement, Kent Lawson, Chairman and CEO of PCC, said, "As smart devices' adoption continues to explode, PCC is very pleased to formally announce our partnering initiative for all companies looking to secure and optimize user experiences in a mobile first world. With a world-class development approach and scalable server infrastructure, PCC is uniquely positioned to enable the sort of friction free and seamless approach to partnering desired by all companies. We can manage integration into your products and services to align with your business models. We have the flexibility and agility to partner with you however you need."

In conjunction with this announcement, PCC has launched a new web site dedicated to its partnering programs. Please visit

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Private Communications Corporation (PCC) is the leading provider of Internet security and utilities that enable consumers to have an optimized and secured mobile experience. PCC is also the partner of choice for top companies in the security, privacy, cable, and telecommunications industries. The company stands for protecting personal data and will never collect users' private information to sell or otherwise share, which is a unique differentiator. For articles and other online privacy resources, please visit

PRIVATE WiFi, PCC's flagship software offering, is a virtual private network (VPN) that encrypts all data across unsecure WiFi networks, protecting users from the inherent threats -- such as identity theft and hacking -- that unencrypted public WiFi poses. More information on PRIVATE WiFi is available at

DataCompress, PCC's data compression application, helps users consume less data so they can squeeze more value from their mobile data plan. Android and iOS users across the world can now download the application from the Play Store to cut mobile data use by up to 50%. More information is available on

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