August 13, 2014 06:00 ET

PRMITV WORLD Launches Androgeneous Apparel Line: #FindYourEdge

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - August 13, 2014) - Painter and Installation Artist, Jacqueline Levine, has drawn from her successful fine art career and love for electronic music to create a new, edgy apparel line for men and women who seek to feel like they are a part of something but still a bold individual. The PRMITV WORLD core collection has launched with 12 styles that will help you #FindYourEdge in fashion and in life.

PRMITV WORLD is high quality, essential, apparel items that have conceptual meaning. Levine's designs include symbols that represent life and are simple yet expressive like the #ATOMFISH [fish + the atom bomb] and the #TheGuillotine that play on the juxtaposition of life and death, and order and chaos. The concept behind PRMITV WORLD is to start with simplicity as the foundation, then build your own voice to be heard in the world. Your PRMITV piece is the foundation of your look and you can build your style from there. Every detail has a purpose: the plush fabric and their unique fit, the signature fluorescent side stitching, and the thumbhole detailed sleeves on the hoodies. The result is a chic and casual, gender-neutral line that contains elements of high art and minimalist design with urban boldness.

This "wearable art" kicks us back to a modern 90's London street scene with blaring beats and EDM rave culture. People who wear PRMITV WORLD seek sophistication in their cultural activities. They don't listen to music on the radio; they want to hear a masterpiece that takes their mind and soul on a journey. They follow DJ's, they move to their own rhythm, and they start new trends. Design happens between the lines so start with PRMITV and build your look.

Blend your life with your style and follow @PRMITVWORLD on Instagram for images of inspiration or on Twitter @PrmitvWorld. If you believe fashion is art then start creating your PRMITV look here at:

About PRMITV WORLD ( PRMITV World contains elements of high art and minimalist design, with urban boldness. Apparel is chic, casual, and comfortable; fit is gender neutral and universal. Each design examines the balance between space and form; reducing shape to its essence to imply universal meaning. PRMITV is the foundation of style: #FindYourEdge.

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