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August 18, 2009 19:48 ET

Pro-Cast Products' Grease Traps Help Commercial Kitchens Battle FOG

Grease Traps for Wastewater Systems to Intercept Fats, Oils and Grease for Sewage Contamination Prevention

HIGHLAND, CA--(Marketwire - August 18, 2009) - Pro-Cast Products, leading Southern California producer of precast concrete products, has began campaigning for commercial kitchens to use grease interceptors (grease traps) to separate fats, oils, and grease from its wastewater.

"Dealing with grease can be a huge issue for restaurant and food service kitchens," explained Pro-Cast's Dan Ross. "... and if not dealt with properly, can lead to slimy sewer blockages. When grease enters the waste stream it can form solids that increase the time and cost of treatment at wastewater plants. It's imperative for commercial kitchen operations to have some kind of interceptor, separator or trap to prevent the grease from entering the sewer system."

Pro-Cast Products' grease traps provide just the solution for commercial kitchens. The basic design of the grease trap is fairly simple: the grease traps work by using gravity and coalescent as a means of separation.

Regular maintenance is required to ensure proper operation. Removal of the accumulation is done with pumping. An inspection of the fittings, piping and internal baffles is recommended at this time. Grease that is free of food debris is sometimes known as "Yellow" and can be re-used for such purposes as Bio-Diesel production. However, grease that has been sitting or has not been filtered for debris is known as "Brown" and is too contaminated to be of any safe, future use.

Southern California's Pro-Cast Products makes a variety of concrete products including Grease interceptors (Grease traps) and is happy to discuss use and application possibilities with you. In addition to Grease interceptors, Pro-Cast products also produces a variety of other concrete products and barriers including K-rail concrete barriers, Concrete Septic Tanks, Wastewater Clarifiers, Sand and oil interceptors and Concrete Box Culverts. To learn more about Pro-Cast Products or their Grease interceptors visit them online at or call 909-793-7602.

Pro-Cast Products was founded in 1987 and has grown into the leading manufacturer of precast concrete products in Southern California. Now in their twenty-second year, they thrive on the same principles they started with -- their dedication to customer satisfaction. Their large manufacturing facility has the equipment and personnel to design and build your precast concrete products. Their plant, personnel, and QC lab are NPCA and Caltrans certified.

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