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November 14, 2006 12:38 ET

ProactiveNet Granted U.S. Patent for Correlation and Root Cause of Performance Events and Abnormalities

4th Foundational Patent Extends Technology Leadership in Linking Business to IT Performance for Business Services Management

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 14, 2006 -- ProactiveNet Inc., the time-to-value leader in Business Services Management (BSM), today announced it has been granted its fourth U.S. Patent, No. 7,131,037. The new patent describes ProactiveNet's unique event-to-data and data-to-data correlation technology for automatically predicting and identifying the possible cause of performance problems in a network system by analyzing and correlating abnormal behavior or a specific alarm/event with related abnormal infrastructure performance data. The patent also covers the correlation of abnormal business data to abnormal behavior in the business service IT infrastructure. The issuance of this latest patent by the U.S. Patent Office recognizes ProactiveNet's unique technologies for end-to-end BSM performance analytics and correlation, and furthers the protection of ProactiveNet's intellectual property. ProactiveNet currently holds three other patents in this area and has several additional patents in various stages of the patent review process.

ProactiveNet's BSM software solution enables companies to efficiently manage IT service delivery to meet service level requirements by directly linking business process performance to IT service and infrastructure behavior. ProactiveNet automatically learns and maintains a comprehensive repository of the performance behavior of the end-to-end IT infrastructure. This information can include real-time performance data from custom business metrics, user experience metrics, Web, application and database servers, network devices, specific user-defined domain knowledge, and relationships between monitored elements and groups of elements.

ProactiveNet then automatically identifies relevant and significant deviations from the normal behavior of the infrastructure and the probable cause of an infrastructure alarm by correlating the alarm with real-time data in the performance database. ProactiveNet significantly reduces the need to establish and maintain static thresholds, virtually eliminates "alert storms," ensures received alarms are relevant and actionable, and speeds the problem resolution process by accurately identifying the possible cause of an alarm.

"Many enterprise management vendors are beginning to make similar claims," said Ajay Singh, president and CEO of ProactiveNet. "But, baselining is only a small part of delivering a monitoring solution necessary for achieving the objectives of BSM and ITIL. ProactiveNet is scalable, reliable, easily deployed and is used in a wide array of customer environments. Our event-to-data and data-to-data analysis and correlation technology is the most comprehensive and mature, having been refined and extended over the years in response to the evolution of customer requirements."

ProactiveNet's first patent, U.S. Patent No. 6,327,677, outlines a broad approach for abnormal behavior detection in monitoring an application infrastructure environment, which may comprise the applications, systems and network, including all hardware and software components associated within an entire end-to-end infrastructure environment. ProactiveNet's second patent, U.S. Patent No. 6,453,346, protects a method for efficiently storing and comparing recent and historical performance data by leveraging statistically significant data samples. This second patent enables ProactiveNet users to more quickly and accurately pinpoint the probable cause of performance problems. ProactiveNet's third patent, U.S. Patent No. 6,816,898, describes a methodology that enables ProactiveNet to easily pull in performance data, in real-time, from any external source. The value in this technology is that ProactiveNet customers can easily add their own custom metrics, which are then leveraged by ProactiveNet's patented data correlation and analysis engine.

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ProactiveNet, Inc. is the "Time-to-Value" leader in Business Services Management software solutions for Global 2000 and leading e-commerce companies. The company's end-to-end solutions deliver unique capabilities to customers with requirements to align IT services to business priorities, seamlessly link business process performance to IT service and infrastructure behaviors, and maximize IT's value to the business. Achieving value within weeks, ProactiveNet customers measurably improve the availability and performance of IT services, reduce SLA non-compliance, and shorten problem resolution time, while streamlining IT operations and reducing costs.

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