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May 24, 2005 09:00 ET

ProactiveNet Unveils ProactiveNet 6.5 -- Industry's Fastest Time-to-Value BSM Solution

Updated Business Services Management Solution Speeds Problem Resolution and Optimizes IT Service Delivery

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 24, 2005 -- ProactiveNet, Inc., the time-to-value leader in Business Services Management (BSM), today announced the availability of ProactiveNet 6.5, a significantly enhanced version of the company's flagship BSM product. ProactiveNet's enhancements include a new intelligent alarm management system, advanced resource pool monitoring capability and a completely revamped reporting framework. ProactiveNet 6.5 provides executives, business unit managers and IT groups the visibility they need to see how well the IT infrastructure and business processes are performing in relation to overall business objectives.

"Business and IT alignment is not a new concept, though regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA, combined with process maturity models like ITIL, have everyone thinking about BSM," said Jasmine Noel, principal, Ptak, Noel & Associates. "While no single tool is going to cut it for large enterprises, ProactiveNet's advanced analysis and correlation, which enable companies to link business operations to IT in real-time, should be on the short list for any large company with a BSM mandate."

10X Faster Time-to-Value

ProactiveNet deploys faster, speeds problem resolution, increases performance and availability of business-critical IT services and streamlines IT operations. Like other BSM solutions, ProactiveNet enables companies to manage IT services to meet business service level objectives. However, only ProactiveNet delivers the real-time visibility and capability to link business processes directly to end-to-end IT services and infrastructure behavior. This unique capability is what enables business unit owners and IT groups to know about, act upon, and resolve emerging IT services problems before end users or SLAs are impacted -- about 10 times faster than competitive solutions.

In addition, because of its self-learning technology and breadth of out-of-the box data collectors, ProactiveNet deploys about 10 times faster, and is about that much less expensive to manage. The self-learning technology, for example, automatically learns the normal performance and behavior of every monitored business metric and infrastructure attribute. The system then automatically adjusts to change, virtually eliminating the need for dedicated resources to manually create and maintain rules and scripts in response to infrastructure changes. The product's robust out-of-the-box data collectors and adapters integrate with all leading systems management frameworks and third-party tools, effectively leveraging existing management tool investments and further speeding deployment.

What's new in ProactiveNet 6.5

ProactiveNet 6.5's new alarm management system, resource pool monitoring and reporting framework help executives understand how their technology investments are improving the business, help business unit managers map IT to business priorities, and help IT groups save time.

The Intelligent Alarm Management system includes automated Alarm Suppression, Alarm Reduction and Alarm Notification capabilities. Intelligent Alarm Management virtually eliminates irrelevant alarms and automates many tasks that typically require dedicated IT resources to continuously update and maintain. The system is highly configurable, highly intuitive, and delivers only actionable alarms, related to the most probable cause of the performance issue, to management consoles. The system abolishes data overload, eliminates the "Christmas Lights" effect, and streamlines the problem resolution process.

"During our beta test of 6.5, we were able to reduce the number of alarms after suppression by a factor of five, and the alarms we did receive contained actionable data that pointed to the root of the problem," said Tim Grafton, systems administrator for IT operations at Jeppesen, the world's leading aviation information supplier. "Plus, since the system learned our environment's normal operating behavior, there was no need for my team to manually rewrite rules for alarm thresholds."

ProactiveNet's unique Resource Pool Monitor, which made its debut in version 6.0, has been updated with features that make it more flexible, intuitive and easier to use. Resource Pool Monitor helps streamline the problem identification and resolution process by allowing users to track clusters of monitored devices, such as Web server farms, as a single monitored entity. The consolidated, single metric view of a resource pool can then be easily integrated into ProactiveNet's dashboard or other reporting tool or systems management console.

ProactiveNet's entire reporting framework has been renovated with many usability and flexibility enhancements. The new SLA reporting capabilities, for example, let specified users, whether IT administrators, business unit owners or executive management, see which SLAs are compliant; which are not; which are improving; which are degrading; which are developing trends that need to be watched; and which are the best or worst performers. This unique, real-time linkage between IT infrastructure performance and SLA compliance enables IT groups to take the right action, at the right time, to avoid costly SLA violations and ensure IT services are maximized to meet business objectives. In addition to SLA Reports, ProactiveNet's reporting facelift now makes it easier to create, view, edit, share, distribute, archive, organize and navigate all reports.

Additional new features and upgrades to ProactiveNet 6.5 include: Root Cause by Device Display, which allows users to zoom into any device-specific issues to help speed problem resolution; SLA Access Controls, which allow administrators to designate which individuals can access and modify specific SLAs; Error Code Capture, part of Web Transactions, which deliver more timely information and better diagnostics for transaction failure detection; and several more flexibility options to Scheduled Downtime.

"The world's most successful companies rely on complex technologies to enhance online business operations," said Ajay Singh, president and CEO of ProactiveNet. "Yet the same technology that enables online business to thrive can also be a risk when performance problems go undetected. ProactiveNet mitigates that risk by providing real-time linkage between IT and business performance, so business units and IT are aware of developing problems and have the information they need to solve problems fast."

Pricing and Availability

ProactiveNet 6.5 is now shipping. Pricing of the ProactiveNet solution typically starts at $35,000 and scales based on the type and number of entities monitored. Quantity discounts apply for multiple applications and additional SLA purchases.

About ProactiveNet

ProactiveNet, Inc. is the "Time-to-Value" leader in Business Services Management software solutions for Global 2000 and leading e-commerce companies. The company's end-to-end solutions deliver unique capabilities to customers with requirements to align IT services to Business priorities, seamlessly link Business process performance to IT service and infrastructure behaviors, and maximize IT's value to the business. Achieving value within weeks, ProactiveNet customers measurably improve the availability and performance of IT services, reduce SLA non-compliance, and shorten problem resolution time, while streamlining IT operations and reducing costs.

ProactiveNet customers include E*TRADE FINANCIAL, Hoover's Online, MoneyGram, McKesson and ProactiveNet delivers key capabilities to companies implementing ITIL best practices and has been offering end-to-end Business and IT services management solutions since 1997. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with international offices in India and the UK. For more information about ProactiveNet, visit and download our ROI studies, or call (877) 277-6686.

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