SOURCE: Probaris, Inc.

Probaris, Inc.

May 07, 2014 15:44 ET

Probaris Announces Multi-Credential Identity Registration Authority

Enhanced Software Also Supports FIPS 201-2 and Self-Service Card Updates

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - May 7, 2014) - Probaris has announced a new release of its leading identity management system (IDMS) software. Probaris ID® serves as a registration authority for commercial entities and government agencies that issue and manage digital identities. The latest software release, Probaris ID 4.2, includes features to fully enable the management of multiple credentials types within the system. For example, Probaris ID can be used to issue a temporary "flash badge" to a visitor, a soft certificate to a supplier, or a strong biometric identity credential to a new employee. Similarly, the new software supports the issuance and management of multiple credentials for a single identity (i.e., a single person) who has been registered within the system.

The new features are particularly useful in large and diverse enterprise environments and in large-scale hosted multi-client managed service environments. Managed identity service providers must meet the digital identity needs of a wide range of client organizations and diverse groups of users within each organization. Probaris ID 4.2 supports the configuration of workflows and issuance policies to support various credential types and unique client needs.

Additional Probaris ID 4.2 enhancements include:

  • A self-service portal for credential updates;
  • Bulk sponsorship processing and usability improvements;
  • Multiple features to support the FIPS-201-2 identity standard; and
  • Significantly improved notification and reporting capabilities.

FIPS 201-2 is an updated version of the standard for federal Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials. The new standard provides for the enablement of derived PIV credentials on mobile devices. The derived credentials will allow users to securely access enterprise applications, VPNs, and other services from mobile devices.

FIPS 201-2 also provides for post-issuance updates to otherwise expiring digital certificates on PIV and PIV-I identity credentials. Probaris ID 4.2 includes a self-service portal that allows users to update the certificates on their credentials without having to visit an enrollment or issuance location.

Probaris ID is the most advanced and full-featured commercial product available for identity registration and enrollment, and for the issuance and management of digital identities. It integrates out-of-the-box with a wide range of third party products, including biometric capture and personalization devices. Probaris ID is fully compliant with the Identity Management System (IDMS) standards specified in FIPS 201-2, PIV-I and related publications. 

About Probaris
Probaris ( is a leading provider of trusted identity software and services. The company develops and markets Probaris ID® a software product used to register, issue, and manage the lifecycle of trusted identities. Probaris software enables the capture and secure storage of biometric and other personally identifiable information necessary to produce high assurance digital identity credentials. Probaris has extensive expertise in the policies, standards, technologies, and best practices required to successfully transition organizations to advanced identity and cybersecurity solutions.