February 19, 2012 10:00 ET

Procycle Introduces eVox™, A Revolutionary Electric Bicycle Designed and Made in Canada

Your energy in perfect sync with the power of electricity

SAINT-GEORGES, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Feb. 19, 2012) -

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Procycle, a Canadian company based in the Beauce region, is pleased to announce the launch this spring of the eVox™, its all-new superior quality electric bicycle. Designed and produced entirely in Canada by Procycle, the eVox™ electric bike boasts the latest in both design and technology. The bike will be marketed under the Miele brand and is the only product of its kind in North America. It will give cyclists a range of up to 150 km.

"The entire project was conceived and implemented right here in Canada, and we are all very proud of that. Research and development alone required three years of hard work and investment. The result is a solid, well-designed, reliable product that will offer cyclists a truly unique experience. Our target customers are cycling enthusiasts over 50 years of age and young urban professionals. It's the only electric bike made in Canada, and we already have plans to expand into the international market," says Procycle President Raymond Dutil.

Unique technology

Available in two sizes to meet the needs of 95 percent of the population, the eVox™ bike has three modes: bike, pedal assist and freedom. In pedal assist mode, the DynaMe™ propulsion system - the only one of its kind in the world - supplements your pedaling efforts depending on which of the five levels you select on the control display, a technology that is both intuitive and safe. Freedom mode lets you enjoy an effortless ride at the speed of your choice, again thanks to the DynaMe™ propulsion system. Without pedalling, the eVox™ has a range of 40 km; with pedal assist, it can go as far as 150 km. The battery charges completely in just one hour. In fact, the eVox bike delivers the best range-to-charge ratio available on the market today.

Cutting-edge design

With its modern design, the eVox™ is the perfect marriage of traditional bicycle and electrical components. Water-resistant and powerful enough to handle 15-degree hills, the integrated motor is located in the bottom bracket, giving the bicycle a lower centre of gravity for a safe and comfortable ride. The eVox™ is lighter than most bikes in its class and requires very little maintenance. Its removable lithium battery offers amazing performance, and the charger is cleverly incorporated into the rear carrier for easy charging during long trips.

The eVox™ bicycle was developed with financial assistance from the Energy Efficiency Agency through the Programme d'aide à l'innovation en énergie (PAIE), which supports initiatives in energy efficiency and emerging energy technologies.

The eVox™ will be available in Canada in the spring of 2012 at authorized dealers. For more details, go to

About Procycle

Procycle is a Canadian company that has manufactured bicycles since 1977. Its headquarters are in Saint-Georges de Beauce, and it has offices in Vancouver and Shanghai. It owns the Miele and Rocky Mountain brands and exports 45 percent of its production to some 30 countries. Over 500 specialized dealers in North America carry Procycle products.

NOTE TO MEDIA: Product photos and additional documentation available upon request. For more information, contact Jacques Dutil.

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