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June 13, 2007 14:31 ET

Product Design Secrets Revealed in New Cutting Edge Book "Better Be Running!: Tools to Drive Design Success"

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - June 13, 2007) - "In today's intensely competitive world of manufactured products, the complacent and inefficient will quickly die. But to stay alive and prosper, everyone 'Better Be Running!' as hard as they can," says Ronald L. Hollis, Ph.D., P.E., President and CEO, Inc.

In his new book, "Better Be Running!: Tools to Drive Design Success," Hollis places a wake-up call to the product development community about their risks, and presents valuable tools that can help them continue to lead. This book is published by CLSI, ISBN 978-0-9795760-2-7.

"You have to pick technology for the purpose of the part," says Hollis. "My passion is building technology-based businesses and then watching others use these technologies to pursue their passion for creation."

In "Better Be Running!," Hollis matches the relationship of the manufactured part to product development, and how product development thrives in free enterprise systems while feeding businesses, communities, governments, and global partners in an ever-expanding spiral.

Due to a current void in the marketplace for a book that educates business leaders about critical information on currently available product development technologies, Hollis hopes to provide useful knowledge on these technologies and how they can be implemented into the product development process, thus getting products to market faster, as well as reducing development budgets.

While focusing on manufacturing processes, tooling choices and winning production strategies, Hollis' goal is to share the strengths, limitations, benefits, and the best applications to help manufacturers produce the right parts at the right prices for the right customers!

Adventures of "Johnny Quickparts" adds unique viewpoint to product design and development

"Better Be Running!" also introduces a tale about Johnny Quickparts, a geeky, yet humble engineering hero who can always save the day with his knowledge. From his early designs to his first experiences in China, Johnny Quickparts is an asset every product development team needs! "Johnny Quickparts is a quiet, shy geek who inadvertently becomes successful through his earnest love of knowledge," says Hollis. "I hope that Johnny's heroic achievements make this hefty plate of technical limitations not only palatable but also enjoyable!"

So whether your need is to produce one unit for your marketing processes or one million for your biggest customer, "Better Be Running!" can show you which processes, technologies and strategies are critical in driving success. "By becoming an informed consumer of these processes," continued Hollis, "one will be able to save time and money, often times 50% or more, a heroic level in most companies."

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