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September 10, 2008 11:20 ET

Product Launch

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                      Launch of a new Product (KW200) for the Sage 200 Market
Datum International Limited ("Datum" or "the Company"), the Independent Software Vendor and author
of  KnowledgeWorker  the  Enterprise Content Management (ECM)  software  platform  is  pleased  to
announce the release of a new product called KW200 for the Sage 200 marketplace.

The  product  has  been  developed in association with its partner FD Systems  (FDS),  Sage's  No1
Partner  in the UK. To facilitate the integration work, Datum developed a new set of web  services
which  allow any third party application to be easily integrated with KnowledgeWorker and allowing
that   application  to  utilize  KnowledgeWorker's  powerful  and  critically  acclaimed  Document
Management, Workflow, Collaboration and Search modules.

The Sage 200 Suite of business management software helps organisations with a typical turnover  of
£1m-£20m  to  coordinate their whole business: from customer-facing systems,  through  back-office
processes,   to  core  activities  such  as  retail/wholesale,  construction,  manufacturing   and

The  software  helps staff work together more effectively and limited or expensive  resources  are
optimised. Managers have instant access to company-wide information and are equipped to  plan  for
the future.

Nigel  Griffiths,  Commercial Director at FD Systems comments; "we  are  very  excited  about  the
opportunity KW200 presents for the Sage market. Having already deployed KnowledgeWorker  for  some
of our Enterprise customers using Sage 500 & 1000, we look forward to providing this same level of
capability to our Sage 200 customers.

ECM  is one of the fastest growing segments of the IT market, but most systems available today are
expensive and out of the reach of most SME businesses. We are able to offer not only a world class
ECM  product to our customers, but one that is fully integrated to their Sage 200 Business system.
We  are  confident  that most of our customers will see a payback within a few  months  by  saving
significant amounts of time by finding critical business information in seconds instead  of  hours
or even days.

The  Purchase Invoice Processing solution is a case in point; many companies pay tens of thousands
of  pounds for just that single feature, which just one of the features of the KW200 product. With
over  5,000  installed  Sage  200 sites in the UK alone, we are confident  that  this  will  be  a
significant revenue opportunity for our company."

Les  Paul, CEO of Datum International comments; " Datum is delighted to be working with FD Systems
on  bringing such a compelling value added service to the Sage 200 market.  We see this  as  being
the  first of several collaborations with FDS to provide the whole of the Sage market with  access
to  our  world  class ECM application. With an increasing emphasis on compliance and driving  down
costs,  most  businesses  are  seriously considering deploying  Content  and  Business  Processing
Management systems. With KW200, Sage users will be able to get these benefits coupled with a fully
integrated business solution."

KW200  provides  Sage 200 with Inbound (received) and outbound (generated by  Sage  200)  Document
Archiving,  Scanning, Purchase Invoice Processing and the ability to store  any  type  of  content
against  Customers, Suppliers, Products and Projects. Over 80 screens within Sage 200 have  access
to  KnowledgeWorker functionality and provide essential features which will help  Sage  200  users
save  a  great  deal  of time and resources, creating competitive advantage.  KW200  is  the  most
integrated solution of its kind for the Sage 200 market.

Priced  from  as little as £5,000, Sage 200 users will be able to harness the full  power  of  ECM
within  their  business.  The Microsoft Outlook Integration enables users  to  drag-n-drop  emails
directly  into  Customer  or Project folders and will allow access to  all  your  Sage  and  other
corporate documents from within the single portal.  As standard, KW200 also comes complete with  a
full Purchase Invoice Scanning solution with Workflow Approvals. This one feature alone would  pay
for a typical installation in just a few months.

As  an  optional  extra, users are able to deploy the full Workflow engine  which  incorporates  a
browser  based drag-n-drop business process designer which will enable Sage 200 users to  automate
almost  any kind of process within their business, from simple document approvals through to  full
blown enquiry and case management systems.

Datum  and  FDS are already developing a new add-on module for Purchase Requisitioning which  will
allow  browser  based  local and remote users to generate requisitions for products  and  services
managed  by  the  Sage  Product and Stock files. The requisitioning system will  collect  and  get
approvals  for  required items and then pass them to the Sage system for automatic Purchase  Order
generation. This will be the first of many such workflow and business process add-ins to  be  made

The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.


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