August 17, 2012 11:56 ET

Product Review Blogger Calls out Industry for Bogus Toy Reviews

NORTHAMPTON, MA--(Marketwire - August 17, 2012) -  Dan Nessel has had enough, and he is not going to take it anymore. As a Dad Blogger who does product reviews, he is calling foul on the toy review industry that has become overrun with questionable ethics and shaky business practices.

Dan Nessel founded DadDoes.Com in 2010 as a place where parents could read honest product reviews on everything from food to toys. DadDoes.Com fully tests every product they review in a real world setting, a practice that Nessel believed was the standard for the online publishing industry. It turns out that numerous blogs and review sites actually base their reviews on press releases and never touch the products they review. 

"To me, it seems obvious: if you want to review a toy, the first step is to get the toy and play with it. Apparently, some sites see this step as unnecessary. Instead of actually playing with the toys that they review, they just write a review based on a press release that they receive. Perhaps this type of article is a preview, but I feel calling it a toy review is dishonest because the author never reviewed the toy," states Dan Nessel of DadDoes.Com.

Read The Report: Picking the Top Toys of 2012 And The Dying Art of Honest Toy Reviews

In a new report about the state of the toy review industry, DadDoes.Com outlines exactly why bloggers and sites no longer do hands-on toy reviews. According to, the economics of news creation, publishing and blogging are pushing writers to create content as quickly as possible to increase ad views. 

If a writer spends days doing hands-on testing with one toy, the publication only has that one toy review on which to sell ad space. On the other hand, if that same writer spends a day writing ten toy reviews based on ten press releases, the publication has ten times more space to fill with ads. 

With the fourth quarter of 2012 fast approaching, numerous product review sites will start to create their top toys of 2012 lists. DadDoes.Com is warning consumers to be wary of toy review lists that have been created without the author ever using the toys. To help figure out which toy lists are based on real reviews, Nessel explains that parents should look for hands-on video toy reviews or photographs showing the author using the toys. 

In their report on the toy review industry, Nessel and DadDoes.Com have publicly guaranteed that the site will never do toy reviews based on a press release. DadDoes.Com is now asking other bloggers and review sites to join them in a review pledge that simply states that all toy reviews will be based on the author's actual experience playing with the toy.

Nessel concludes, "Everyone in the toy review industry needs to take responsibility and promise to do better. We owe it to hard-working parents to provide them with honest, real world toy reviews and not just reworded press releases. Our hope is that in exposing the problems of our industry, we will make it more fair, productive, helpful and ethical for everyone."

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