Athletes Against Bullying Alliance

Athletes Against Bullying Alliance

January 13, 2014 09:00 ET

Professional Athletes Form Alliance to Tackle Bullying

The Athletes Against Bullying Alliance receives funding from Vancouver company for a National Tour

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Jan. 13, 2014) - " I've had numerous students come talk to me after the presentation, and they gave such positive feedback and honestly feel so encouraged. " said a Teacher from Thom Collegiate High school in Regina, Saskatchewan after the Athletes Against Bullying Alliance kicked off their national - " Be a Game Changer" - Tour last month. The Alliance will be speaking to students at the Hugh Boyd and McMath Secondary schools in Richmond, BC on January 17th, when they begin the BC segment of the national tour.

The Athletes Against Bullying Alliance, is a dedicated group of professional and amateur athletes banding together to create a bullying free environment and to build on positive role models for inclusion for all. AAB, speaks directly to "Student-Athletes", creating a captive audience that relate to the Athlete Speakers. Speakers such as Canadian Olympic Gold Medalists, Ben Hebert and Paul Rosen, as well as Professional MMA Fighter Bret Haacke and CFL stars Damon Allen and Ricky Foley. President and Founder of the AAB Alliance, John Tokar says, "We want to help Student-Athletes realize their influence and help them be great individuals. Athletes have a great support group in their teammates and friends. But there are many students that are being targeted who don't have that. We want the Student-Athletes to know, that it can be something as simple as a friendly hello or a high five in the hallway that can help a student in need."

The AAB Alliance had a progressive year in 2013; in July, AAB caught the attention of Big Kahuna Sport Co. based out of Surrey, BC and it soon became clear that the two organizations would make a perfect match. "With Big Kahuna's core business coming from Canadian institutions and the prevalence and issues surrounding bullying in these same schools, it makes sense for Big Kahuna to focus our charitable efforts to help stop bullying for good. Athlete's Against Bullying is a charity that really resonated with the Big Kahuna Partnership Group and we will do everything we can to support their Initiative." said Craig Preece, VP of Marketing at Big Kahuna Sport Co. As a result of Big Kahuna's partnership, the Athletes Against Bullying Alliance were able to assemble a National Tour targeting six major Canadian cities.

The "Big Kahuna - Athletes Against Bullying Canadian Tour - Be A Game Changer" will speak to students in Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto.

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