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January 06, 2011 08:25 ET

Professional Research on Altria Group Inc. and Reynolds American Inc. - Cigarettes Still Burning Despite Strong Headwinds

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA--(Marketwire - January 6, 2011) - allows shareholders to gain full understanding of the economic and market forces influencing the cigarettes industry, and offers free research on industry players Altria Group Inc. (NYSE: MO) and Reynolds American Inc. (NYSE: RAI). Register today at to receive free research reports on these companies.

Cigarette companies are coming under increasingly strong attacks as smoking becomes more socially unacceptable, more expensive and smokers become more aware of the related health risks. However, industry players do not seem to be suffering excessively and many investors continue to consider them a safe bet. Cigarette companies continue to pay healthy dividends while some such as Altria Group Inc. have even increased their dividend payouts recently. Shareholders and investors can sign up today at to download the full report on Altria Group Inc. is a specialized website where investors can have complete access to free reports on cigarettes industry; traders looking for analyst opinions on Altria Group Inc., Reynolds American Inc. and other players in the industry are welcomed to sign up for a free one year membership at

Certain states are looking to increase taxes on cigarettes next year, a move which has become ever more attractive as states scramble to make up deficits. While this may cut the smoking population further, cigarette companies have a long history of passing these costs on to the consumers and will continue to do so. This ability to pass escalating costs onto the consumer has been a boon to the industry where, generally, as the market shrinks the prices rise and margins remain stable. Visit us at to understand the catalysts and forces driving or affecting cigarettes stocks.

Of great concern to some members of the industry is the impending ban on menthol cigarettes. Other flavorings have already been banned and menthol products are coming under attack for promoting smoking in minors and other people to whom the taste of cigarettes does not appeal. Industry players are fighting back by buying up unflattering domain names and rallying supporters.

Many companies in the industry are diversifying to insure the waning smoking population does not affect their profits. Some like Reynolds American Inc. are investing more into their smokeless products and advertising for said alternatives while others are looking to emerging markets where the number of smokers remains higher. Shareholders and investors can sign up today at to download the full report on Reynolds American Inc.

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