PRofessional Temporary Staffing

PRofessional Temporary Staffing

May 16, 2011 07:00 ET

PRofessional Temporary Staffing: Pounding the Streets Looking for Work

It is a temporary solution for the public relations industry

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 16, 2011) -

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Will help for the public relations industry come from the streets? Social scientist Roger Clowater thinks so. The managing partner in PRofessional Temporary Staffing has taken to the streets wearing a sandwich board in his quest to find employment opportunities for public relation professionals. Working with partner Jeff Roach they are still 15 years behind their United States counterparts. While completing employee performance appraisal research for a Masters of Science Degree in Public Relations from Sterling University in Scotland, Clowater discovered how temps were being used in the industry.

The first temporary employment agency for public relations started in New York in 1996 between a recruiting company and the Public Relations Society of America and now Clowater wants to replicate their success here in Canada. "There are a lot of competent graduates and seasoned practitioners competing for positions, I want to help them find jobs" Clowater said. After discovering the use of temps south of the border, Clowater and Roach established their business here in Canada. Both Clowater and Roach have an interest in the success of their business. Not only are they business partners but both are professors at Seneca College in the public relations program. Approximately 550 public relations graduates enter the workforce every year here in Ontario from nine Ontario colleges.

"It not only helps people find jobs but one of the barriers to growing a business is having enough employees" Clowater said, "our solution also helps businesses to grow faster. We provide qualified talent to public relations agencies and businesses to bridge their need by providing extra help during a crucial time."

PRofessional Temporary Staffing is located in Aurora, ON, and provides temporary staff to small or large public relations agencies, in-house public relations departments, business, government, non-profit agencies and associations in Canada.

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