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June 18, 2007 11:10 ET

Profiling Eileen Borgeson's Art: Promax Muse, X PRIZE Pin, and Space Tourism's Dennis Tito Awards

Eileen Borgeson's Art Recognizes Accomplishments and Contributions on Earth and in Space

HILO, HI--(Marketwire - June 18, 2007) - How do you honor the first private space travelers to the International Space Station? How do you acknowledge the donors who each contributed millions of dollars to support the X PRIZE Foundation's vision to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity? Hawaii artist, Eileen Borgeson, has faced this challenge many times and has created some of the world's most distinctive and iconic recognition art pieces.

Just last Thursday in New York, hundreds of Eileen's 'Muse of Creativity' statuettes were awarded to Promax/BDA Promo and Marketing award winners at their awards show during their 52nd conference keynoted by former President Clinton. Some of the major winners from a record amount of entries included: the United States' ABC, HBO, DirecTV, Studio City; Canada's CHUM, the CW; Britain's BSkyB, Red Bee Media; and the Middle East's MBC Creative and Star India.

Profiles of four of Eileen's 'Fine Art of Recognition' pieces:

Promax Gold and Silver 'Muse of Creativity' Awards. Recipients: over 10,000 winners in their worldwide association of entertainment marketers, promoters and designers. Accomplishment: the best in creative excellence voted by their peers. Description: Figurative 'Art Deco' inspired sculpture. History: The Classic Muse was introduced in 1995 after Eileen's two 'makeovers' on their original 'Gold Medallion' awards. Quote: "Promax wanted a sculpture that would evoke strength, inspiration and creativity and one their members would take pride in. The 'Muse of Creativity' resulted and I sourced R. S. Owens (manufacturer of the Oscar© and Emmy awards) to produce her." ... Eileen

X PRIZE Foundation 'Vision Circle' Pins. Recipients: Larry Page, Anousheh & Amir Ansari, Gil & Elyssa Elbaz, John Templeton Foundation, Omid Kordestani & Bita Daryabari, Dr. Stewart & Marilyn Blusson, Greg Kerfoot. Contribution: Becoming visionary members of X PRIZE's 'Vision Circle' who support their ongoing efforts and growth as their largest contributors. History: Presented at the Googleplex 'Radical Benefit for Humanity' Gala, hosted by Google co-founder Larry Page. Description: Solid Silver Jewelry Pin created through the 'lost wax' process. Quote: "I was delighted when Peter Diamandis made the final selection of this image which really symbolizes the role of the X PRIZE Foundation as a guiding force out to nurture and protect the planet." ... Eileen

Space Tourism Society's 'Dennis Tito' Award. Honorees: Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttleworth, Greg Olson and soon, Anousheh Ansari and Charles Simonyi. Accomplishments: First brave private space travelers who paid to orbit the Earth in the International Space Station after 6 months of extensive training. Art Description: 4 sculpture assemblage featuring the 'Orbital Muse'/AKA: 'Muse of Flight.' History: Presented during the 25th International Space Development Conference at Orbit Awards dinner hosted by the National Space Society and the Space Tourism Society. Quote: "My challenge was to create something worthy of these visionary space explorers. Featuring my 'Muse of Flight' atop my silver sculptures seemed to make the perfect tribute piece." ... Eileen

Space Tourism Society's Holographic 'Orbit Award.' Honorees included: Buzz Aldrin, Paul Allen, Richard Branson, Ansari family, Eric Anderson, Robert Bigelow, Richard Searfoss, Leonard David, X PRIZE Foundation, Scaled Composites, and Zero-Gravity. Accomplishments: Space adventurers, visionaries and entrepreneurs who have been pioneering the personal Space Travel and Exploration industry. Description: A hand-faceted polished optical crystal obelisk incorporating an embossed holographic optical element technique developed by the award's co-designer Jeff Allen at History: Also presented during the 25th International Space Development Conference at Orbit Awards dinner. Quote: "When Jeff and I combined our two favorite mediums, holography and crystal, my jaded eye was awed by the rainbow explosion I saw inside!" ... Eileen

Eileen's 35 years of fine art experience, along with the abilities of her international alliances, enable her to create in a myriad of mediums -- including crystal and holography -- and have access to the latest technological advances in computerized rapid-prototyping, 5-Axis robotic water jets, laser jet cutting, 3-D modeling, 3-D scanning plus unlimited casting materials and sizes.

Eileen's 'Fine Art of Recognition' sculptures "are reminders to be strong and confident and always ready to receive that creative inspiration wherever it may come from ... to keep persevering when it doesn't and to be grateful when it does. I hope my awards will respectfully convey the level of achievement of the individuals and organizations that receive them."

About Eileen

Eileen Borgeson's ( sculptural pieces are found in trophy cases as well as art collections of thousands of individuals and organizations worldwide. Her original art has honored many individuals, including: B.B. King, Elton John, Bob Hope, the Dalai Lama, Hugh Hefner, Ronald Reagan, Al Hirschfeld and Aerosmith. She has collaborated with many other artists or their estates creating unique art editions, including: Chuck Jones, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Maxfield Parrish, and for seven years with Erté, considered by many as the father of Art Deco. She also created many fine art crystal and illuminated glass editions for Warner Bros. and Disney. Eileen's work can be viewed at E Art Gallery's online gallery.

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