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March 17, 2015 07:00 ET

ProfitBricks Announces Access Management and IT Governance Features for Its IaaS Cloud

ProfitBricks Integrates Governance Models, Improving Functionality and Flexibility for IaaS

SAN ANTONIO, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 17, 2015) - ProfitBricks, the provider of painless cloud computing IaaS, today announced Multi-User Access Management for its IaaS cloud. This group policy-based user permissions management enables users to provide additional governance to their cloud infrastructure, something especially important for IT operations professionals and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who administer multiple cloud environments across several departments or customers.

With this new IT governance feature, account owners have the ability to themselves define which resources (e.g. users, virtual data center resources, snapshots, images, and IP blocks) should be assigned to which definable groups with which permissions. The number of groups and users is unlimited.

"We already have a reputation of offering painless migrations to cloud computing infrastructure. Features like multi-user administration add IT governance capabilities, enabling more control and broader adoption of cloud computing resources across one or multiple organizations," said CEO Achim Weiss. "What's more, we are offering this ability as part of our revolutionary fully-graphical Data Center Designer -- a Cloud Management tool that offers the ultimate in visual control of the cloud."

User Properties
ProfitBricks identifies three kinds of members to the group-based users: these include the contract holder, the resource owner and the user.

The first level of member is the contract holder, which is identified during account registration. Contract holders have full access to user management, can see resources and manage payment methods.

The second tier is a resource owner, who is any user that has created a new resource (data center, reserved IP or snapshot). A resource owner can independently decide which permissions to make available, but only within their own resource group.

The third level of member is the user, which encompasses everyone who has been added by the contract holder. All of their permissions are controlled and attributed by either the contract holder or resource owner.

Access Protection for your Cloud Data Center
Along with member types, ProfitBricks offers users a group-based management where customers can define for themselves which resources should be assigned to groups, and with what specific permissions.

This advanced cloud user management capability enables IT administrators and MSPs to delegate authority over data centers and resources, enabling scenarios like a QA team only having access to final test build images or an end client to only have access to one specific resource, be it IP address management or the ability to edit a server configuration.

As a vendor that is popular with MSPs, ProfitBricks provides the power to isolate access to specific teams or individuals, on a resource level and a data center level. This ensures maximum security for the technical team and clients.

"ProfitBricks is helping our firm migrate customer server closets and IT infrastructure to the cloud in a very painless way. We can easily bill and control access to each customer and the resources deployed for those customers," said Nathan Sandler, CTO & Co-founder Beta Brain. "With this new feature we can control access for our own teams that service them, bringing better isolation and security to our cloud computing implementations. We can do all of this in the self-service Data Center Designer that has no learning curve. This is cloud management and control done right." 

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