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December 29, 2006 12:56 ET

ProForm® Fitness Launches First Integrated Games in Elliptical

You Have to Work Out to Win

LOGAN, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 29, 2006 -- ProForm®, the world's largest fitness brand, announces the first fitness equipment to fully integrate games and exercise equipment, enabling game play to be controlled by exercise intensity. With the new GameFit™ consoles on special ProForm® ellipticals, the games get easier to play the harder you exercise.

This technology is so innovative that ProForm® has a patent pending directed to fully integrating games in exercise equipment.

The ProForm® 20.0 CrossTrainer™ Elliptical with the special GameFit™ console features two proprietary games -- "Fat Blocker™" and "Calorie Destroyer™" -- that will keep you entertained for miles.

The ProForm® 20.0 CrossTrainer™ Elliptical integrates control of a game with exercise. For example, the faster you pedal in "Fat Blocker™" the slower the blocks will fall, giving you more time to perfectly position the falling block. For every 10 rpm you pedal above 30 rpm, you reduce the amount of difficulty by one level. When you reach the ninth level if you pedal hard enough you can reduce the difficulty back to level one, but still receive the points of the highest level.

The elliptical has built-in controllers conveniently located at the top of the handles so the consumer can use her thumbs to control the game. When playing "Fat Blocker™" the up and down buttons on one handle rotate the block to the preferred position. The buttons on the other handle move the block left or right. Using the down button the user can drop the block quickly into the desired location.

When playing ProForm's® "Calorie Destroyer™" pedaling faster makes the on-screen man move faster to avoid the bullets coming his way. To add even more motivation for exercise, you have to "pedal to play" -- the man will not move if the elliptical is under 30 rpm. With "Calorie Destroyer™," each handle controller allows the on-screen man to move left or right, and the up button allows the user to fire bullets at the opponents.

"By making how the game functions based on how much one exercises, we've created the perfect combination for keeping people engaged and motivated, "said Colleen Logan, VP of marketing for ProForm®. "What a great way to get fun back into fitness."

The console on the ProForm® Elliptical also has a fully integrated MP3 station integrated into the console, so you can hear your own tunes through the speakers. The console also displays resistance level, time, speed, distance, and calories burned and 12 preset programs.

The ProForm® 20.0 CrossTrainer™ Elliptical is available for $799 at Sports Authority and Sports

About ProForm

ProForm manufactures a complete line of home gym equipment including ellipticals, treadmills, ab machines and stationary bikes. More consumers buy ProForm fitness equipment than any other brand in the world. It is one of the family brands owned by ICON Health & Fitness. ICON is one of the world's largest fitness manufacturers. ProForm® is a registered trademark of ICON.

(Note: ProForm 20.0 CrossTrainer™ Elliptical is model # PFEL7806)

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