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Keep Fit America

December 17, 2014 11:32 ET

Program to Fight Teen Obesity Available Through "Keep Fit America"

Non-Profit Equips Teens With Essential Tools for Lifelong Health; Invites Partners to Join in Spreading Awareness

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2014) - Childhood and adolescent obesity rates have been quadrupling for the past 30 years. Keep Fit America, a non-profit organization are dedicated to fighting obesity and educating children for a healthier tomorrow. Keep Fit America announced the launch of its new eight-week educational program to shape lifelong health and wellness habits for teens. Keep Fit America was formed to stop the continued rise in obesity, particularly in the youth of the United States. Because one in three children is currently overweight or obese, adult onset diseases are becoming more prevalent in the nation's younger population, affecting quality of life, increasing healthcare costs, and in many instances, possibly shortening lifespan expectancy.

Keep Fit America's program is geared for ages 12-23 and is designed for schools and youth organizations to implement in a classroom setting as well as a fitness environment. Through five healthy lifestyle pillars: Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Self-Esteem, and Technology -- Keep Fit America uses proven methods that provide a unique, fun and nurturing learning environment for its participants.

 "Our mission is to fight teen obesity once and for all by educating our youth through inspiration and awareness. Our eight-week program empowers teens to adopt healthy and lasting lifestyle changes," said Nick Moran, founder of Keep Fit America. "Keep Fit America is looking to expand its work against obesity and has the ability to integrate its program into schools, youth organizations, community center s and more. We are currently looking for partners to share our vision in helping America's youth lead a healthier way of living."

Keep Fit America's results-driven program focuses on teaching useful tools that can be used in the real world on a daily basis. The tools go hand in hand with the program's five pillar approach. These include: reading and understanding food labels, learning basic nutrition, budgeting, meal planning, physical and emotional effects of obesity and exercise. The goal for the curriculum is to deliver an introduction to a total health lifestyle; provide education and creation of new living habits; nurture group participation, verbal interaction and basic physical activity; and promote awareness and identification of areas to improve, and a desire to choose to make a change. By the end of the program, students gain considerable self-awareness of changes, habits and choices, as well as general health improvement.

Keep Fit America is welcoming partner schools and organizations to bring the eight-week program to their campuses and locations. Financial donations are also welcome to support the fight against teen obesity. 

For more information on how to get involved, visit the website or join Keep Fit America at or @KeepFitAmerica.

Keep Fit America is an Irvine, Calif.-based non-profit organization dedicated to fighting obesity and educating youth for a healthy tomorrow. By effectively tailoring programs specifically for youths, the organization inspires through awareness using five educational pillars -- Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Self-Esteem and Technology. Keep Fit America enriches the lives of every individual that walks through its doors, revealing that they hold the power to change their lives and live a healthier life once and for all. For more information, visit Keep Fit America's website at

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