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August 17, 2009 09:00 ET

Progress DataDirect Provides Oracle Connectivity With Latest Release of ADO.NET Entity Framework Data Providers

Progress® DataDirect Connect® for ADO.NET Release 3.3 Includes Entity Framework Support and New Usability Features to Accelerate Application Development

BEDFORD, MA--(Marketwire - August 17, 2009) - Progress DataDirect, the data infrastructure division of Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) and provider of premium, vendor-independent data access and integration technologies for all major data sources, platforms or operating environments, today announced the general availability of version 3.3 of its Progress® DataDirect Connect® for ADO.NET data providers featuring Entity Framework support for Oracle.

The introduction of DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET Entity Framework provider for Oracle provides software developers and architects with fully featured design to boost success with the Entity Framework. Like its predecessors before, version 3.3 of the Progress DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET product has raised the bar for superior performance, security and interoperability. Using 100 percent managed-code architecture, DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET eliminates the need for Oracle database client libraries -- both instant and client. Because managed code runs in the Common Language Runtime (CLR) environment, it reduces risks such as memory leaks and closes security holes that unmanaged code leaves exposed, providing developers secure, reliable and versatile deployment options available in both application and client-server environments. This allows software developers and architects to avoid the versioning headaches associated with the ODP.NET provider and the multiple versions of the Oracle client libraries and databases used throughout the enterprise.

"Progress DataDirect is a valued partner that Microsoft customers often turn to for data providers," said Lance Olson, group program manager for Data Frameworks at Microsoft Corp. "We are pleased to see DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET Entity Framework provider for Oracle available to customers who count on Microsoft to deliver ADO.NET Entity Framework as a comprehensive and flexible data platform for their applications."

Offering support for LINQ to Entities, EntitySQL and ADO.NET Data Services, the Progress DataDirect data provider exposes Oracle data sources to the complete functionality of the ADO.NET Entity Framework using any application development technology. With its deep rooted, technical relationships with all major database and platform vendors, Progress DataDirect ensures its data connectivity products support the latest provider features and database versions. The DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET Entity Framework provider for Oracle includes support for Oracle 9i through 11g with a single provider.

"Modifying .NET applications to work with a new .NET provider is hard work," said Julie Lerman, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), author of Programming Entity Framework and Vermont .NET User Group founder. "During its 20-year history, Progress DataDirect has built a solid reputation for its data access technologies. I'm confident the new features found in its ADO.NET data providers with support for the Entity Framework will help .NET developers address their most pressing data connectivity and application development needs."

Continuing its commitment to technical innovation and responding quickly to the needs of software developers and system architects, the DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET Entity Framework data provider for Oracle leverages the pedigree and reputation Progress DataDirect has established for Oracle ADO.NET connectivity. Corporate IT departments at Fortune100 companies and leading ISVs use the DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET data provider to build reliable .NET applications that can connect to multiple databases while reducing the amount of code necessary to utilize database-specific features. The DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET product includes many performance and usability features including application context awareness, logging application block support, bulk-load operations, connection failover and load balancing, and enterprise security features including use of the .NET Framework security controls, SSL data encryption and single sign-on via Kerberos. To view a complete list of product features, go to:

"With the latest release of DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET, developers get full support for the .NET environment with a fast, reliable and feature rich ADO.NET managed data provider that includes Entity Framework support for Oracle," said Rob Steward, vice president of research and development at Progress DataDirect. "No matter what your .NET development, deployment or data access strategy is, Progress DataDirect will support it."

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