Progressive Muslims Institute Canada

July 03, 2013 13:40 ET

Progressive Muslims Institute Canada Urges Canadian Muslims to Stand Against Terror Plots in the Name of Islam

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 3, 2013) - Progressive Muslims Institute Canada (PMIC) is distressed to find another alleged terror plot in Canada.

"It seems that alleged terrorists wanted to detonate the explosive material in British Colombia Legislature. We urge Canadian Muslims to stand against Terror plots in the name of Islam," said Salma Siddiqui, Director PMIC.

"Enough is enough. It's time for Canadian Muslims to come forward at large and reject violent ideology without any ifs and buts and they should not wait for any horrible thing to happen on Canadian soil," added Salma Siddiqui.

"Whether be self-radicalized Al-Qaeeda style terrorist plots or Al-Qaeeda linked operations, our Mosques and Islamic centres need to denounce armed Jihad ideology openly and loudly so that converts and all Muslims should not attract to political Islam," said Progressive Muslims Institute Canada in the statement.

"Any Canadian Muslim has no right to think of carrying out any terrorist activity based on political situations anywhere in the world. It's our duty to keep our home safe from all sorts of terrorism," said Asma Mahmood, Secretary General PMIC.

"The purpose of our first anti-Terrorism Demonstration at Queens Park last month was to give a message to all fellow Canadian Muslims that it's time to denounce terrorism, violent ideology and terror plots in the name of Islam collectively and effectively. So we urge Canadian Muslims to join our anti-Terrorism cause," said Asma Mahmood.

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