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May 04, 2006 14:19 ET

Project Anna Brings Unprecedented Message of Hope for Russian Orphans

President/CEO of DreamVision Motion Pictures and Television Dedicates Remainder of His Life to Touch Lives of Countless Children

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 4, 2006 -- Ewire -- Word continues to spread in Russia of the story of American producer/composer Rick Silanskas and the incredible details of how he was led to find a specific orphaned child who would become his daughter. The amazing discovery of "Nadia" in a small Russian village has literally become a beacon of hope for every orphaned child throughout the entire Russian Federation. Utilizing a strategically designed business model, Rick dedicated the remainder of his life, talents and resources to reach each of the nearly one million orphaned babies and children unconditionally. His humanitarian efforts in critical regions of Russia have now affected countless children in orphanages, baby homes, institutions and hospitals with dire needs as he travels from village to village with permanent help for each of the children, their caregivers and families. Through his "Project Anna Foundation," a recognized and respected non-profit strategic arm specifically created to reach the children of Russia, Rick has initiated an unprecedented effort utilizing film, television and music to bring awareness, hope and much-needed aid without any conditions or agendas. Profits from each of these international productions are dedicated to Project Anna in perpetuity to insure the continued financial elements necessary to reach every orphaned child in Russia without exception.

The story that began in the winter of 2002 has recently been documented in the acclaimed book "Unshakable," written by renowned author Paula Felps. In addition, the award winning film documentary "Nadia's Story," directed by Jimmy Huckaby, which documents the events that led to the discovery of this child, is now being seen internationally.

Several specific projects will soon be presented both domestically and internationally as a direct message of hope for every orphaned and homeless child in Russia. "The Symphony of Hope," a major worldwide musical television special sharing the story of Nadia, will premiere as one of the most important international cultural celebrations in recent history. The premiere will emanate from the United States and will feature an original symphonic musical suite composed by Rick Silanskas along with numerous musical performances by world-renowned artists and special guests. The music will then be presented live in Russia.

Production will soon commence on two major motion pictures that will chronicle the dramatic journey Rick embarked upon beginning in December 2002. The live action drama/mystery "Unshakable" is based upon the novel of the same name and when complete will feature a multi-nation "World Premiere." The story will also be told as a full length animated musical motion picture entitled "Anna," featuring some of the newest creative 3D technology and a team of renowned animators.

Profits from each these productions and all ancillaries will be utilized for the expansive and defined efforts of Project Anna in Russia throughout the orphanages, baby homes, institutions and hospitals.

In a recent interview, Rick Silanskas said: "These children have been entrusted to me through the events that changed my life forever. And with everything I have and the talents I have been given, I will not stop until every single orphaned child in the entire Russian Federation is touched by hope and everything they need unconditionally. We are one family in this world and their lives are all that matter."

The "Symphony of Hope" and both major motion pictures will be released domestically and internationally through DreamVision Motion Pictures and Television (352) 241-6031. The book "Unshakable" is available world wide and can be previewed at

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