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March 23, 2010 09:15 ET

Project Dashboard Makes Project Management Software a Must-Have

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - March 23, 2010) - The project dashboard functionality in Project Manager Online Ltd's new release of their software provides detailed executive views of your projects.

Industry leader Project Manager Online Ltd has done it again with their newest release of their popular software, The visually enticing project dashboard that comes included in their web project management software gives the project manager detailed on-the-spot views of a project in nine key categories:

  • Health – provides a high-level Green / Yellow / Red view of time, cost, progress, effort, risks, issues, and changes
  • Time – gives a high-level view of the timeframe of the project
  • Cost – provides a high-level comparison of actual, planned, and baseline costs for the project – great executive view of budget status
  • Progress – gives a summary task view of project progress
  • Efficiency – shows efficiency on the project as it relates to task completions
  • Resources – shows resources, usage, and rates
  • Risks – provides a high-level status of risks
  • Issues – provides a high-level status of issues
  • Changes – shows a high-level change status view

The project management dashboard should be able to give someone a quick-check view of the project and know if things are going well or if the project is headed for trouble.'s dashboard does just that. It provides what amounts to the perfect view for any project manager to hand to their supervisor, team, customer, or CEO. 

"We know project managers are busy. Status reporting, status meetings, change management, risk management, all communications – it all falls into the project manager's lap to manage and coordinate," states president and CEO of Project Manager Online Ltd, Jason Westland. "Giving the project manager a web-based tool that's easy to use was our goal. And giving them something like this dashboard functionality that can show the project manager's executives what's happening on the project is very important. Eliminating the need to perform the extra effort of creating an entirely separate report means we just made that project manager's job a lot easier. That's what makes this software so popular."

The project dashboard lets you see detail in vividly colorful 2-D and 3-D formats which give the project manager and team an incredible view into the overall health of the project. Quickly, the user can tell if the project is on time, on budget, and moving toward a successful conclusion. Likewise, the team will also be able to see the problem areas and quickly drill down further to identify the main issues. With the project dashboard, the project manager will be able to:

  • See current project health
  • Investigate problems with further drill down
  • Customize the dashboard to their liking
  • Create summary dashboards
  • Share the dashboard with other registered users

"Accountability to your team, the customer, and your executive leadership is paramount," says Jason. "Just as is having a quick view into your project's health. Our project dashboard tackles both of those needs with incredible flexibility."

For more information on's capabilities or to sign-up for a free thirty day trial, please visit their website at

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